Copyright Claim Sees Kim Dotcom’s Mega Launch Video Taken Off YouTube!


In another strange twist in Kim Dotcom’s battle against the copyright-mongers, the video of his Mega Launch party was taken off YouTube by what appears to be a bogus copyright infringement takedown claim.

Dotcom’s Mega launch party was a grandiose affair which featured numerous different musical performances. The whole thing was broadcast live over the web and a recording was put up on YouTube yesterday. However it was only up for a few hours before German music rights group GEMA put in the claim and had it taken down.

This incident might feel a little like déjà vu to Kim Dotcom, because a few years ago he had a similar problem.
Back in 2011, despite the fact that Megaupload was in the U.S. government targets, Dotcom recorded and released a promotional video that featured some of music’s biggest names.

Collaborators on the track, which was called the “Mega Song” included Snoop Dog, P.Diddy, Kayne West,, Alicia Keys, The Game and Mary J Blige. These artists braved the backlash from their labels and sang the praises of the file-sharing site!

Just hours after the track was released however, Universal Music got out the big guns and had the song removed from YouTube on the grounds of copyright violation.

Dotcom, who has never been one to shy away a hard fight, threatened the studio with legal action and managed to get the song reinstated. The song got millions of views and Dotcom decided to drop the legal action choosing to concentrate on the federal prosecution he was facing after the January 2012 raids on his property and Megaupload.

This latest attempt to boot the video of the Mega launch party into touch is, according to TorrentFreak “what appears to be another example of overreaching conduct by copyright owners.”

In a message sent to the group responsible for the takedown, Dotcom tweeted: “Dear GEMA, all songs in the #Mega press conference are my content. And the artist who performed LIVE gave us permission. WTF?”

As you may well imagine, Dotcom does not take this kind of thing lying down and jumped straight into action. He added: “I filed a counter-claim with Youtube and the video is back online. GEMA can expect mail from our legal team. Copyright madness.”

The GEMA have a long running copyright feud with YouTube, which has seen many videos forced offline for German viewers over the years. Just two weeks ago the GEMA said that they would be pulling out of the last round of talks with YouTube that were set up to try and resolve differences between the two parties.

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