College Humor’s Take on if LOST Was an RPG Video Game

College Humor has made a few television parodies in the form of RPG video games before. Their most well known ones would probably have to be for Game of Thrones (both season one and season two), though there are a few other excellent parodies as well. Earlier this week College Humor put out a brand new RPG parody on the television show LOSTDespite the fact that LOST ended almost two and a half years ago, the video is both hilarious and (surprisingly) accurate. While it emphasizes some of LOST‘s better plot points (such as everyone’s favorite episode, “The Constant”), it doesn’t shirk away from giving out critique (namely all the bad plot points in season three). For any LOST fan, this video makes for a hilarious watch and will also make you a tad nostalgic for when it was still on air.

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