Coca-Cola Brings People From India and Pakistan Together

Coca-Cola has become well known for their commercials that are out to make the world a better place. Whether it’s improving Christmas for people, looking for happy couples in public, or finding the good in the world, honestly, it’s gotten kind of difficult to sit through a Coca-Cola commercial without shedding a tear or two.

In one of their more recent videos, Coca-Cola brought special camera-installed Coke machines to India and Pakistan. These two nations have not had the best relationship over the last sixty years. They’ve had no access to one another, and have been told by big government not to interact. Coca-Cola decided to challenge this through the power of their soda. Coca-Cola’s initiative is “Small World Machines”, in which they provided a live communications portal between the people in India and Pakistan. The two machines required a person at each machine, one in Pakistan and one in India, to complete small tasks with one another in order to receive their soda. Sometimes they had to trace images simultaneously on the screen, while other times they had to dance or photograph the other person.

All together, it’s a really lovely sentiment that Coca-Cola has devised in order to get two opposing countries face-to-face. Sometimes all it takes is the simple gesture of placing your hand against a stranger’s in order to realize you two might not be so different, even if that stranger is a couple hundred miles away.

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