Classic Game Of Thrones Scenes Recreated In LEGO

Despite how much we might want LEGO that allow us to recreate our favorite scenes from Game Of Thrones, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever get official LEGO sets for George R.R. Martin’s hit series. They are just too violent, too sexually explicit and have too many other adult themes, but that hasn’t stopped some fans – because if LEGO don’t make the sets you want, such is the nature of the versatile construction material that you always have the option of creating your own.

These fanmade LEGO Game Of Thrones scenes are absolutely awesome and they capture some of the most integral moments throughout the series, from Jamie Lannister’s slaying of the Mad King Aerys to a worried mommy Stark’s vigil by the injured Bran’s bedside and much much more.

The meticulously detailed minifigs are amazing, as are the action scenes and it seems as though the folks at are often updating the site and adding new scenes and characters.

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