City Council Sign New LA Condom Law

New laws stating that Porn stars will have to use condoms on set, have been passed this week in the city of LA. Dubbed the ‘Porn Capital of the World’, these laws have already caused a massive debate between health officials and the Porn Industry.

In 2011 two major porn companies, Larry Flint’s Hustler and Forsaken Pictures were fined thousands of dollars for failure to provide condoms or other protective equipment during their film shoots.

Porn Industry representatives argue that viewers do not want to see actors wearing Condoms in their films and that the ‘Condom Law’ could force major companies to change location to Nevada or other cities where adult film industry laws are much more lenient.

The Aids Healthcare Foundation, which has been campaigning tirelessly for this law for many years, say it is essential, in order to safeguard Porn actors from HIV and other STI’s.

In an interview for the BBC Newsbeat, Kieran Lee, a British Porn actor from Derby, who now lives in LA, said that he thinks the law ‘will be ignored by a lot of actors in the industry.’ He also seemed to think that it could cause many of the production companies to go underground and work without permits, in order to keep their profit margins high.

As yet, there is no clear cut indication as to how the City plans to enforce these laws.

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