Christian Bale Calls 8-Year-Old Cancer Patient Who Loves Batman


The Dark Knight aka Christian Bale might have a bit of a reputation of being a hard man to work with who can be difficult on set, but even if these reports are true, there is definitely a real soft side to the famed Batman actor.

Last year he went to see the victims of the Aurora movie theater shootings and visited a really sick child who was just desperate to meet the real Batman and he has once again shown us that he can be a supremely nice guy by calling an 8-year-old boy suffering from cancer.

This video clip shows a telephone call he made to cancer patient called Zach who absolutely adores Batman.

Bale talks to the young boy in his hospital bed for around 9 minutes, discussing all sorts of Batman-related trivia. Zach told Bale that he loves dressing up as Batman, in his costume that is “almost real” and that on Halloween a friend dressed up as Catwoman and they went around their hometown together. In response, Bale tells Zach that his wife also dresses up as Catwoman and comes to visit him at work occasionally – I loved that bit!

Bale also compares his native England to Seattle where Zach is from, because apparently both locales have a lot of rain!

It is difficult to hear Bale’s voice in the clip at times, but you can really see how happy he makes this young boy. It’s an incredibly heartwarming video and I love Bale a little bit more than I did already because of it!

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