Chris Dunlop Customized A Ford Mustang With Sharpies

Artist Chris Dunlop has made his name in car customizing by using nothing but a set of black Sharpie brand permanent markers. Eleven markers and Fifty hours later, above is what the 1999 Ford Mustang GT, the Rockville native has worked on looks like.

When beginning a Sharpie project, Dunlop first spaces out the larger elements of the design and then goes back to do the details. Because he is dealing with permanent ink, there is no going back if he messes up.

“Every line is exactly how it lays,” he says.

Usually, the tips of the markers wear down to a nub before they run out of ink, Dunlop says.

Dunlop was first inspired to create a Sharpie car when he saw photos of a Lamborghini decorated with similar art. He found a client two years ago who was willing to let him try it, and the rest is history.

“I’m so lucky that any client is enthusiastic at all,” he says.

To date, Dunlop has completed Sharpie detailing on seven cars and one black motorcycle using silver Sharpies. He has also done other Sharpie artwork on car parts that are on display at a dealership in Rockville, as well as laptops and motorcycle helmets.

Rockville native creates custom car creations using Sharpies

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