Chocolate Canon D60 Camera For The Photo Geek Who Has Everything


This solid chocolate camera modeled on the Canon D60 was created by Etsy seller Hans Chung. It’s made using Guittard chocolate and is a limited edition.

The model was created using a mold fashioned from an actual D60 which was rendered unusable afterwards, this is one of the reasons that Hans is selling the chocolate cameras at a staggering $500! That’s a little less than half the price that the actual working camera would retail for!

I suppose there is nothing to say that Hans can’t just purchase a broken D60 from eBay and use that to make his mold, but he has promised buyers that the chocolate camera is very limited edition!

He has only ever made 3 (and 1 has already been gobbled up) and will only make 5 more if the demand is there! He said that his product is “for the photo geek who has everything” and for those who balk at the price, he has gone into a detailed explanation of the process.

He explains how creating a mold destroys a camera and that that mold can only be used to create 10 copies and is an incredibly intricate procedure. He then has to temper and pour the chocolate which is also time consuming etc etc.

Hmmmm, makes sense I suppose, but I am still really struggling to think of a reason why anyone would want a $500 chocolate camera!





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  • Hans Chung

    Hi, Thanks for blogging about my chocolate camera. It was a random crazy idea for me to start making them. …Hans