Chocolate Beer Best Served In A Chocolate Glass

A Japanese brewery has come up with the novel idea of combining two incredibly popular products, beer and chocolate and then focused on creating the very best way to imbibe it.
The Sankt Gallen brewery has come up with this combo set, which includes a 330ml bottle of their Imperial Chocolate Stout and a chocolate glass to drink it out of! Just don’t put the chocolate glass in the dishwasher when you’re done. It will not end well.

Some are speculating that the chocolate glass may work to counteract the bitterness of the ultra-dark beer which has apparently is made with “over twice the ingredients of your average dark beer including roasted chocolate malt.”

A friend of mine tells me that he has tried chocolate beer before and it actually tastes pretty good. I am not entirely convinced however. Don’t get me wrong, as obscure beer concoctions go, I would much rather drink this Japanese chocolate beer out of a chocolate glass rather than try the Wynkoop Brewing Company’s bulls testicle beer or Rogue Ales’ “New Crustacean” which is brewed with yeast obtained from their brewmaster John Maier’s beard!

But, truth be told, if it was totally up to me, I would probably just stick to vodka and tonic!

Source: Food Beast

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