WTF Marriage: Chinese Man Sues Wife For Being Ugly & WINS!!

Divorces are never particularly pleasant affairs especially when they get dragged through the courts, but the case of Chinese man Jian Feng divorcing his wife was particularly ugly and also rather intriguing!

Ugly is the operative word in this interesting court battle, because Feng actually divorced his wife and sued her for being ugly and won $120,000 for his troubles!

So the story goes like this, Feng met his wife and was totally in love with her, the couple married and soon after his wife fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. This is where it all started going wrong for Feng and his misses as he believed that their baby was incredibly ugly, “to the point where it horrified him” and looked nothing like either parent.
Because of the child’s appearance, Feng started wondering if his wife had been unfaithful – I guess that’s the normal thing to do if you have an unattractive child? WTF!

Jian Feng claimed that his wife did not tell him about her plastic surgery before they married

Anyway, it turns out that his wife didn’t cheat on him, he was actually the biological father of the ugly baby, but his wife was hiding something – the fact that she had spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to make herself attractive before she met Feng.

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me,” Jian said.

The logical conclusion would be to assume that their baby was ugly because it looked like her before she had all the surgical procedures – but who knows, in reality it could be anything, it could be the mix of genes from further down the line! I know plenty of people who look nothing like their parents and it isn’t because their moms have been getting up to no good with the milkman or had sneaky surgical procedures – it is simply just the way it goes sometimes!

Anyway, Feng was mortified and started divorce proceedings; he also sued her claiming that she had tricked him into marrying her under false pretences. Interestingly enough, the judge (we’re guessing he was male) sided with Feng and awarded him a whopping $120,000 in damages!

What an incredibly vain guy, I mean I can understand why he was a little pissy that she kept it a secret from him, but to sue her and divorce her over it is a little bit much. I know loads of people who have had ugly babies but they love them all the same, because they are their children!

I also feel really sorry for the baby girl – the child that was so ugly that she broke her parents’ marriage up! The mind boggles!!

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  • Jorens Leong

    hope his in-laws give a WHACK from a belt to him.

  • dontbelieveyou

    Okay, where’s the link with the original version of the story??

  • nickys

    i smell poop

  • marvin nubwaxer

    and probably no child support.

  • Chen

    I’m not surprised… many Chinese men want a trophy wife and since many Chinese women feel unfulfilled if they aren’t married then they go to great lengths to make themselves feel wanted.