Chinese Fishmonger Discovers Live Bomb Inside Squid!!

A fishmonger from South China made an alarming discovery during the routine gutting of a squid for a customer when his knife fell upon an 8-inch live bomb!

The squid which contained the explosive device was 3 feet long and was caught by fishermen in shallow waters off the coast of the Guangdong province. It made its way to the fish market in Jiaoling county, where it landed upon fishmonger Mr. Huang’s table.

Mr. Huang called an emergency number and police arrived promptly to take the squid-bomb away to perform a controlled explosion. Speaking to local newspaper, the Guangzhou Daily, he said; “This sort of squid lives close to the shore and normally makes a meal of small fish and prawns…Perhaps he thought the bomb was his favorite food and gulped it down. He certainly had a big belly when he was caught.” Can you imagine the indigestion pains you’d get if you swallowed an 8-inch live bomb? Now that’s certainly biting off more than you can chew!

The fishmonger said that the bomb weighed 3 pounds and was the same shape as an aubergine. Local police speculated that the bomb may have been dropped into the ocean by a fighter jet but have not yet put a date on it.

They said that despite the fact that the bomb had a rusty exterior and was obviously quite old, it was still live and could easily have detonated.

Source: Telegraph

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