What A Catch: Chinese Fishermen Reel In A Porsche Cayenne

porche china

Underneath the seaweed, barnacles and other slimy underwater grimness is what was once a Porsche Cayenne. It was pulled out of the ocean by some fishermen who were trawling for fish in the waters off the coast of South China.

Is this finally the proof we need to confirm that mermaids do exist (and like driving ugly cars)?

As yet no one knows exactly how or why this Porsche Cayenne ended up at the bottom of the sea, but they are estimating that it had been down there for approximately 2 years!

Maybe it fell off a ship that was transporting them, or perhaps it was parked near the shore and dragged out by the tide. But I reckon that there has to be something sinister about it. Why else would you go to all that effort to dump a car out to sea?

Porsche Cayenne

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