Chinese Actress Bai Jing is Murdered by Her Own Husband

Chinese Actress Bai Jing has been found dead at her home in the Chaoyang district on Tuesday February 28th.

She was only 29 year old.

The actress, known for her roles in “Kung Fu Wing Chun”, “Three Kingdoms” and was hailed as a possible successor to Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, was stabbed to death by her 44 year old husband, Zhou Chenghai, who then taken his own life.

The billionaire businessman and father of one had divorced his first wife to be with the Beijing-based actress and had made large investments in Bai’s acting career. Zhou had even received a divorce writ on Tuesday morning which accused him of infidelity, although he defended Bai, saying that she knew nothing about his previous marriage or his son.

As if that controversy was not enough, it was also said that the mother of the 44-year-old man was rumoured to have ‘died of anger’ after allegations earlier this year that Bai has a boyfriend in the triad, and conspired to embezzle 20 million yuan (RM 9.61 mil) from her husband. She even went as far as to hire a prostitute to seduce Zhou in order for Bai to get a divorce, from which she would get more money.

This particular rumour was denied by director Zhang Tongzhu, who once worked with the actress. He said, “In my mind, Bai is an innocent girl and worked hard.” Currently, all details are mere speculation as the case is still under investigation.

Kung Fu Wing Chun – Final Fight (Bai Jing VS Collin Chou)

Via Yahoo Singapore

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