Chicago University’s Indiana Jones Parcel Mystery Solved!

indiana jones package

Excited Indiana Jones fans that followed the story of the strange package that arrived at the University of Chicago shrouded in mystery will be pleased to find out that the enigma has now been solved!

It turns out that the package, which contained a handmade version of Abner Ravenwood’s journal from Raiders of the Lost Ark, was actually made by “Ravenbar”. Ravenbar is actually a guy named Paul from Guam who has sold a couple of these Indiana Jones journal replica’s on eBay.

The journal that arrived at the University of Chicago is based on the work of late prop replicator Wayne Miller with some additions and embellishments from Ravenbar. Because the inside of the journal is never seen in the film, the replica prop imagines the content and from looking pictures of this handmade masterpiece it really does seem to capture the spirit of the Indiana Jones movies!

After several tip offs that the journal might be his work, the university contacted Ravenbar and the mystery began to unravel. Ravenbar had posted the package from his home in Guam to a buyer in Italy.

On route it went through a Hawaii sorting office where the outer packaging came off. Ravenbar actually received a letter from someone also called Paul in the Hawaii informing him that the outer packaging had been discovered. The University’s address was on the original manila envelope for cosmetic effect – so that is how it ended up there!

Wow, this journal really had an adventure befitting of Indy – starting out in Guam, sent on a detour from Hawaii whilst on route to Italy – but finding a new home in Chicago instead as well as capturing the imagination of thousands of internet users who have followed the story!

Ravenbar has kindly agreed to let the University of Chicago keep the journal that ended up with them and make the seller in Italy a new one. The journal will be on display at the University’s Oriental Institute because as so many have noted “it belongs in a museum.”

Once the exhibit is complete, the University will post a link to some pictures of it on their blog. Those working on the exhibit are also putting together some facts and information about the men who inspired the character of Indiana Jones so it should be a fantastic installation.

Those of you who want to take a closer look at the journal now can check out the awesome pictures on Ravenbar’s eBay listing for the item!

Source: UChicago Tumblr

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