Cheetah Cub Robot Inspired By The Domestic House Cat!

Check out this “cheetah cub robot” designed by the geniuses at French tech company Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL). In a recent video the EPFL team explains the inspiration behind the Robo-kitty which has been modeled upon the natural biology of our beloved feline friend, the house cat! They EPFL researches did not elaborate on whether their robot moggy loves cardboard boxes, can climb the curtains or likes to shit in plant pots…we await further information on these matters.

Despite being dubbed the “cheetah cub robot”, the prototype has been built with stability rather than speed in mind. It is hoped that in the future it will be able to travel rough terrain to assist the military or as an aid in search and rescue operations.

Now all we need is for those EPFL dudes to create a cute (not menacing) head for the Robo-kitty, cover it with some fur, (coz nobody wants to pet wires and metal) and they’d be onto a winner! This is something we all need in our lives!

As I write this, my kitten is vying for my attention, clawing at my elbows, jumping on my keyboard and trying to eat my hair, I think she might be slightly jealous!

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