Cheerios Portrays an Interracial Marriage in Ad and Receives Backlash

Last week this adorable commercial for Cheerios hit the Internet. It features a daughter approaching her mother, asking about the benefits of eating Cheerios. Upon learning that the cereal helps make hearts healthy, the little girl runs off with a smile on her face. Cut to her sleeping father, who awakes in confusion to find the left side of his chest covered in Cheerios. While a pretty basic commercial, you have to admit it is pretty adorable.

Unfortunately it appears not everyone feels the same way, simply because this commercial features an interracial family (the mother being Caucasian and the father being black, making the daughter biracial). The ad has had to disable their Youtube comments because of all the backlash they’ve been receiving, and people have been going crazy for it over on Reddit. All of this is pretty silly, considering interracial marriage has been legal in the USA since 1967. Not to mention the wife and husband aren’t even seen on screen at the same time. On the Today Show, Cheerio’s vice president of marketing, Camille Gibson, spoke about how the brand’s only hope was to celebrate the wide range of average American families, and that the comments that have been made against this ad are certainly not what they intended.

Yet, while there has been some harsh backlash, there has also been a lot of people speaking out in favor of the ad. Many people have stepped forward stating that they too come from interracial families and appreciate Cheerio’s portrayal, while others are just happy that we as a people are finally breaking from our mold. Now we just have to ask ourselves when an ad like this wont cause such a stir and people can learn to accept it upon first glance.


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