Check Out Maryland’s Amazing Body Building Grandmother – Ernestine Shepherd

Wow, at 75-years of age, Maryland’s bodybuilding grandmother Ernestine Shepherd looks like she could give a few bodybuilders half her age a run for their money!! Check out those impressive rippling muscles!!

‘Miss Ernie’ as she is referred to when she competes as a bodybuilder, is in amazing shape, you might even be inclined to want to call her ‘Miss Arnie’ instead!! She goes for a 10 mile (16km) run every single day and really enjoys working out with people who go to the exercise class at her church – showing all those young-uns exactly how it’s done.

Shepherd glows with pride as she opens up the Guinness Book of Records, which lists her as the world’s oldest female bodybuilder!!

Amazingly, she only started bodybuilding a few years ago – at the age of 71, when most of our grandmothers are busy with knitting needles or cake baking, ‘Miss Ernie’ decided that the time had come to fulfill a promise she made to her dead sister and really get herself into shape!

She believes that it is her mission in life to help others to lead a healthy lifestyle and to convince them to get into shape. It’s hard not to find this incredible woman’s dedication and strength totally inspirational. Right, I’m off for a run!

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