Cheating Fiancé Caught Out On Live On Radio Show


This recording is of a guy named only as “Dave” admitting live on an Irish radio show that he cheats on his fiancé ‘Debs’ and that it is in fact all her fault. During the first few minutes of his telephone call into Niall Boylan’s show, the Dublin fella goes into great detail about why he feels “justified” for cheating on his misses and that actually it is all her fault.

The “cheating” topic was being discussed on the show as reactions to the claim by Australian doctor Laura Schlessinger who said that men have certain sexual needs and women who don’t fulfill them are partially to blame if their partners stray. Dave rang up to agree with Dr. Schlessinger and confesses to cheating on his long-term girlfriend because of the issue the Dr. highlighted.

When presenter Boylan suggests he’s kidding himself by remaining in the relationship and continuing in their plans to wed this year, the caller argues that he does love her and that “the sex that I have with other people, is completely different to the relationship that I have with her.”

His flamboyantly ridiculous argument is hilarious in its self, but things get especially interesting when the radio station gets another caller on the line. Someone who recognized his voice and knows exactly who he is – his fiancé’s best friend!!!

Jeeez – talk about daft, everyone knows that you should only ring up a popular radio station and talk about your relationship indiscretions if you’ve got one of those Darth Vader voice-changer thingumybobs handy!!

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