Meet Charley The Cat With A Brain Disorder That Means He Walks Like A Drunken Sailor!

This video, posted by YouTuber hepjo is about an adorably cute cat called Charley. As you know, cats are incredibly nimble creatures, with shit-hot balance, agility and stealth, but Charley isn’t like most cats because he suffers from a brain disorder called Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

This brain disorder affects a cat’s coordination and balance resulting in what is referred to as the “drunken sailor” walk (or the Friday and Saturday night walk as I call it) that Charley demonstrates so well.

The neurological condition is caused by underdevelopment of the cat’s cerebellum during development in the womb but despite this condition cats with Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia can still make great companions! Charley’s owners love his unusual gait and say he is one of the best cats they’ve ever had, they also said he requires no extra care or special attention.

However, because not many people know about the condition, often cats and kittens that have it are abandoned or euthanized for no reason. They urge people whose cats have characteristics like Charley’s to ask their vet for more information on the condition. More information can also be found on the blog Life with CH Cats.

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