Chaos & Carnage CG Catzilla-Style!


Most of you will be back to work after the holidays today, so what better way to help you through the ordeal than to watch badass kittehs inflicting some pointless chaos and carnage on a poor unsuspecting city! If you thought King Kong and Godzilla were badass – wait till you meet Catzilla!

This CG animated short was directed by Bartłomiej Kik and Jakub Jabłoński with music from Bent ‘subsquare’ Stamnes. It features the giant, menacing Catzilla using his laser eyeballs to destroy everything in his path! It all seems a little doomed as this monstrous feline stomps around the place looking for a cozy place to take a nap (well that level of destruction is hard work, don’t ya know), that is until another, better intentioned kitteh comes to the fore, stepping up to save humanity!

It’s hilariously funny and my neighbor’s cat (that popped into visit while I was watching the short) seemed to enjoy it too!

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