Celeb Boutique Thinks Aurora is Trending on Twitter Due to Kim Kardashian Inspired Aurora Dress

Worst use of social media I have ever seen. Congratulations to Celeb Boutique ‏@celebboutique on the heartless bastards of the year award with this tweet.

More than an hour went by before the clueless folks at Celeb Boutique removed the tweet and tweeted a misunderstanding apology. I call BS, you’d think they’d have checked the reason why it was trending in the first place?

We apologise for our misunderstanding about Aurora. We didn’t check what the trend was about hence the confusion, again we do apologise. We are incredibly sorry for our tweet about Aurora – Our PR is NOT US based and had not checked the reason for the trend, at that time our social media was totally UNAWARE of the situation and simply thought it was another trending topic – we have removed the very insensitive tweet and will of course take more care in future to look into what we say in our tweets. Again we do apologise for any offense cause this was not intentional & will not occur again. Our most sincere apologies for both the tweet and situation.

I want to give Celeb Boutique the benefit of the doubt, but to me, if they ‏understood trending and #hashtag then they knew exactly what they were doing.

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