CeeLo Green Recruits Some Muppets to Sing Christmas Tune

CeeLo Green’s an individual who likes to stand out from the crowd, which he often does by the way he dresses. Some of you may recall the crazy feathered outfit he wore at the 2011 Grammy’s when performed ‘Forget You’, but true Muppet fans can tell you that the outfit was an homage to Elton John’s performance of ‘Crocodile Rock‘ on The Muppet Show back in 1977.

Well CeeLo’s bringing back the Muppet love yet again, because he’s releasing a Christmas album entitled “CeeLo’s Magic Moment” which features a song called ‘All I Need is Love’ in which he sings along with – who else? – the Muppets. On Tuesday the song’s music video went viral, and since then it’s been everywhere. CeeLo and the Muppets performed ‘All I Need is Love’ last night at Rockefeller Center, and then the Muppets performed the song (trading out human CeeLo for Muppet CeeLo) on Good Morning America earlier this week. Not to mention the Muppets stopped by The Voice the other night so that Kermit and CeeLo could duet the classic “Bein’ Green”.

CeeLo will also be premiering his one hour Christmas Special on Friday, Nov. 30 at 8/7c on the TV Guide Channel, and you can bet your sweet bippy the Muppets will, without a doubt, make an appearance.

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