Woman In Vagina Costume Intervenes In Attack On Man Dressed As A Penis!

In today’s WTF news, a woman dressed up as a vagina had to intervene and mediate in a street fight when a man dressed as a penis was attacked by an angry resident who was offended by his costume in Glastonbury. And the festival hasn’t even started yet!!
At the Glastonbury festival (which begins next week), pretty much anything goes, but judging from this story, not everyone who lives their all year round is quite as bohemian!

The anatomically dressed folk had donned the outfits and were strolling round to promote the “Fooling Around” stage show that was playing at town’s Assembly Rooms venue. However things turned sour when some Glastonbury residents took offence to their appearance! Usually it’s the penis sticking up for the vagina, but in this case there was a little bit of role reversal! Continue Reading

WTF Celebrations: El Puig’s Dead Rat Throwing Festivities!

There are all sorts of celebrations and traditions that seem utterly weird and bizarre to people who aren’t from the place that they originate in and can’t really get their heads around the customs and El Puig’s “Battle of the Rats” has got to be one of the strangest of the bunch.

In this Spanish town, just north of Valencia, revelers gather in the main square to bash cucañas, a kind of local piñada, on the last Sunday in January. Sounds ok so far, but what makes this festival particular bizarre is the fact that inside the cucañas lurks a bunch of frozen dead rats and after they are released from it, people pick them up and chuck them at one another in the name of fun! If you are hit with the corpse of a dead rat, then it is customary to pick it up and chuck it right back at your attacker! Continue Reading

We The People Petition Asking Obama To Recreate Frozone Scene From The Incredibles Is Removed!

Some of you may have already heard about (and signed) the latest wacky petition to appear on the White House’s “We the People” site which implored President Obama to reenact the scene from The Incredibles where Frozone is looking for his supersuit!!

You might remember the YouTube video from AwesomeEpicXav entitled “Where’s my supersuit! Obama Version” that appeared last year that did replace Frozone with Obama in the infamous scene and it is something that the internet has wanted to see for some time!Continue Reading

Robert Downey Jr Comforts Crying Toddler Upset Because He Was Expecting To See Iron Man!

Robert Downey Jr. consoles tearful toddler wanting to meet 'Iron Man'
This brilliant picture captures the moment when 1-year-old toddler Jaxson Denno burst into tears, disappointed because he’d got his hopes up and was expecting to see Iron Man, but was actually just met with the sight of actor Robert Downey Jr.

The poor little youngling didn’t recognize the infamous actor without his super suit (or distinctive Stark facial hair) and soon started blubbing! And Robert Downey Jr doesn’t look too happy about it either! I guess he’s not used to his fans bursting into tears as they see him! Since the image was captured, it has proved hugely popular and gone viral, possibly because Downey Jr looks fantastically unimpressed by his situation too! Continue Reading

Man Calls Police To Report Prostitute For Being Uglier Than She Made Out!

In what might be one of the most ridiculous 999 calls to be made this year, a man has been warned about wasting police time after he rang the police to complain that a prostitute was uglier than she made out after meeting her in person!

The caller rang 999 to report the prostitute for “breaching the Sale of Goods Act” after meeting her at a hotel car park. An officer at the call centre in Solihull, Birmingham responded to his frivolous complaint by telling him that the prostitute had not in fact committed any offences but that soliciting for sex was illegal! He has also been sent a letter warning him about wasting police time in the future. Continue Reading

99-Year-Old Man Files For Divorce After Finding Out About Wife’s 1940s Affair!

An Italian man looks set to become the world’s oldest divorcee after the 99-year-old found out that his 96-year-old wife of 77 years had an affair in the 1940s!

The man, whom lawyers in the case refer to only as Antonio C, was looking through an old chest of drawers when he discovered some love-letters that detailed the infidelity. Regardless of the fact that the affair had happened more than half a century ago, he confronted wife Rosa C and she was so guilt-stricken that she confessed to the affair. Continue Reading

Chinese Farmer Arrested After Falsely Claiming He Had An Electrocuted Alien In Freezer!

A Chinese farmer who claimed to have accidently electrocuted an alien with a rabbit trap and stored the extra terrestrial in his freezer has been exposed as a fraudster and arrested for his attempts to mislead people!

The man, referred to as Mr. Li by the Chinese media, initially posted about his freezer alien on an blogsite, he said: “I was setting an electric trap for rabbits by the Yellow river when I saw a bright light…Above my bike, a UFO was floating. One by one, five aliens came down, but one of them stumbled into one of my rabbit traps and was electrocuted. The others went back into their ship and flew away.”

He also claimed that DNA tests proved that the creature in his freezer did not come from earth! Hmmm seems legit. Continue Reading

Miss Utah USA’s Rambling, Incoherent Pageant Answer Goes Viral

Beauty pageant contestants have long been mocked for their tendency to give idiotic, down-right stupid answers to questions they are asked during the show.

Obviously not all of the contestants are just pretty faces and some are clearly intelligent, thoughtful women, however every now and then you will get one that says something so damn daft, that the internet can’t be blamed for unleashing an all-out assault!! Miss Utah provided one such example of a disengaged brain with rambling incoherent gobbledygook gushing out in an impressive fashion! Continue Reading

Strange Trend Alert: People are Worming (ie. Licking Their Eyeballs)


I like to think I’m a pretty nonjudgmental person, even when it comes to sexual desires. People differ on certain levels, especially when it comes to what does and does not turn them on. Everyone’s got their own kinks, and as long as it doesn’t involve you or cause harm to anyone who is involved, then you really have no place to say what is or isn’t right for others to do in the privacy of their own homes.

However, I draw the line at eyeball licking.Continue Reading

Examining Excrement: Dinosaur Poop Discovered In Canada


Fossilization is inherently cool. It’s awesome to look at something that was once part of a living, breathing being hundreds to billions of years ago. We as a people are fascinated by the bones and footprints left behind by dinosaurs, mammoths, and other extinct creatures, because they act as proof that these hulking giants once roamed our earth. But how about the fossilization of something a bit more gross that was left behind?Continue Reading