Police Rescue A Dude Who Gets Stuck Inside A Traffic Bollard!

In a spectacular Darwinism fail, police had to be called to rescue a man in Hemel Hempstead, London, who was trapped inside a traffic bollard after sticking his head into it as a joke some two hours earlier!

Anyone who has attended university in the UK (I’m not sure if it’s the same in other parts of the world, but I’m assuming it is) and imbibed alcohol whilst there, will know about the fun that can be had with traffic cones (they make great party hats), bollards and the like. Usually however, this fun can be had without getting oneself wedged inside the apparatus. Continue Reading

Woman Rides On Scooter Adorned With Rifles & Skulls Whilst Pet Parrot Flies With Her!

If you thought the guy who liked riding around Madison on a scooter wearing nothing but a thong and a cape was wacky, check out the footage of this woman from Thailand.

The woman’s scooter is oddball enough, adorned with what looks like an actual animal skull and real rifles, but when you see her tearing it up on the tarmac with her little pet parrot flying alongside her before settling down to perch on the handlebars – that really tops it off and takes the whole thing soaring headfirst into bizarro land! Continue Reading

Rotating Egyptian Statue Baffles Experts At Manchester Museum

A 10-inch Egyptian statue of Neb Sanu that dates back to 1800 BC has baffled experts at Manchester Museum after it was noticed that it had started rotating on its own!

The statue was discovered in a mummy’s tomb and has been in the possession of the Manchester Museum for the last 80 years. Recently however, the museum’s resident Egyptologist Campbell Price saw something very strange – the statue had started turning on its own and given that he was the only person with a key to statue’s case, he found this to be very bizarre indeed!! Continue Reading

Woman Uses Her Plunger On The Tokyo Subway!

Anyone who has had to use the subway during rush hour will be painfully aware that sometimes it can be difficult finding somewhere to grasp onto so that you don’t end up with your face rammed in a stranger’s stinky armpit every time the train comes to a halt.

To counter this problem, one woman has come up with an ingenious (or crazy) way of keeping her balance – by hanging on to a toilet plunger attached to the ceiling!!Continue Reading

U.S Daredevil Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon Tightrope Walk Will Give You The Head Spins!

This amazing footage is of U.S. daredevil Nik Wallenda, 34, completing an astonishing quarter of a mile walk across the Grand Canyon, without a safety harness!! Watching Wallenda make his way across the 2-inch thick cable, 1,500 above the Little Colorado River Gorge really will give you the head spins and certainly won’t help if you are suffering from Mondayitis or a hangover!!

Wallenda took 22 minutes to complete the extraordinary stunt, during which he had to crouch down a couple of times on the wire in order to get “the rhythm out of the rope” as strong winds threatened his balance.

When he neared the end of his journey, Wallenda confidently jogged the last few meters and his incredible feat was broadcast live on the Discovery Channel. Continue Reading

French Mom Caught Out In Audacious Plot To Sit Daughter’s Pre-University Exam!

A French mom, known only as Caroline D, faces a 3-year prison term and fines of up to 9,000-euro (£7,700) after her audacious scam to sit her 19-year-old daughter’s pre-university English exam was uncovered by an eagle-eyed invigilator!

According to reports Caroline D, 52, caked on the make-up, wore Converse and low-cut jeans in a grandiose attempt to pass herself off as her 19-year-old daughter Laetitia and sit the crucial pre-university test, the Bacchalauréat which is France’s A Level equivalent examination. Continue Reading

Amateur Bosnian Goalkeeper Plays Full Game Despite Having 9mm Bullet Lodged In His Head!!

One of the biggest complaints about football/soccer (I’m from the UK so it’s football to me) from fans of other sports, is that the players can often be big giant pansies, rolling around on the floor and feigning injury after the slightest hint of contact from an opponent. And while you can’t argue that this is true for many of the stars in the game, there is no denying that some footballers are hard as nails and will carry on slogging through despite picking up some horrifically painful injuries.

One Bosnian amateur footballer reaffirmed this, by playing out an entire match after being shot in the head and had a 9mm bullet lodged there for the duration!!! The 51-year-old goalkeeper Duško Krtalica didn’t realize he’d been shot but did complain of a headache. He played on assuming that the reason he was suffering a wee bit, was because he’d knocked his head against a goal post whilst making a save – however the reality was a little bit different! Continue Reading

British Councilor Claims He Has Alien Love Child & Is Beamed Up For ET Sex!

Simon Parkes, a Labour councilor for Whitby town council in North Yorkshire, UK, has claimed to be the father of a child called Zarka with a “Cat Queen” alien, who he meets up with for extra-terrestrial sex 4 times a year.

Parkes, 53, made these outlandish claims on a Channel 4 documentary – ‘Confessions of an Alien Abductee’.

He claims that his wife isn’t too happy about his infidelity with his alien lover, however he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong because “it is not a human level”. Continue Reading

Londoners At Threat From The Perils Of Exploding Pavements!

As if Londoners didn’t have enough crap to be worrying about, like ridiculous property rental rates, exorbitant house prices, the fear of being mugged, raped, murdered or pillaged in some of the rougher areas and the shitty weather, we now have a new danger to fear!

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has warned that there is a growing risk of death or injury from exploding pavements! Continue Reading

Is This Anti-Dog Poop Sign The Best Ever?

Check out this brilliant sign posted by an elderly couple who were quite clearly sick of dog defecation on their prize lawn! It would be great if we lived in the kind of world where people showed each other enough respect not to let our pets shit on one another’s property, but unfortunately that is a foolish, idealistic hope that has no place in reality.

So this sign, that came to our attention after being posted by Redditor SrgntPeppers, offers a stark warning and threatens the best kind of defense – retaliation! The sign warns that anyone who allows their dog to squeeze out its dinner on their immaculate grass will be identified by their surveillance cameras and have to deal with this couple’s grandson taking a dump on their property!Continue Reading