Incredible London Comic Con Cosplay Music Video

Last weekend London’s Comic Con took place and the event was attended by thousands of people, eager to take part in the homage to video games, comics, film and popular culture. Many of those who went to the Comic Con also took the opportunity to show off their entirely epic cosplay outfits.

UK filmmakers Sneaky Zebra attended the event with Flycam in tow and luckily enough they were graced with some unusually sunny weather (trust me, as a Londoner, nice weather on a bank holiday is about as rare an occurrence as a coming across an Uruk-hai with feelings) and they created this spectacular music video!Continue Reading

Champions League Final Between Bayern & Dortmund Highlights Given Lego Makeover!

Those of you who didn’t get a chance to watch the UEFA Champions League Final between Germany’s Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich at Wembley this Saturday, can watch highlights of a different kind here as the game’s key moments are given the Lego treatment.

Watch as goals from minifigs that look like Mario Mandzukic, Arjen Robben and Ilkay Gundogan score the game’s goals, with Robben getting the 89th minute winner that meant Bayern got to lift the prestigious trophy!

This Dude Might Be The World’s Fastest Typist

For those of us unfortunate enough to be condemned with a slow typing speed, watching super-fast typists in action is always enthralling. I remember when I was a kid and still did the painfully arduous two-finger type tactic, watching my uncles (who are both computer programmers) giddy typing speeds was utterly fascinating. I hoped that one day, I too would be able to type as quickly as them and these days, through the sheer amount of words I type each day, I’m not far off their crazy speeds!

But in saying that, I am nowhere near as quick as the guy in this video who is bashing those keys at a breakneck rate! He’s so fast, that I was half expecting to see a little trail of smoke exude from his fingertips! Some more cynical folks have questioned whether he is typing real words or just randomly bashing at the keyboard to give the appearance that he is actually doing it at a god-like speed! Continue Reading

Halo Medley: Devin Supertramp’s Fan-Made Music Video With Lindsey Stirling & William Joseph

Check out the latest video from super-talented viral filmmaker Devin Supertramp – a music video featuring Lindsey Stirling and William Joseph that pays homage to the Halo franchise! Stirling herself is a bit of a video game enthusiast and you might remember some of her other videos we have featured on the site, including her awesome Assassin’s Creed III music video and her Skyrim medley.

Devin Graham aka Devin Supertramp said: “Just a heads up, I didn’t do this video with Microsoft, Bungie, or 343 Studios who makes the Halo franchise, I did it on my own, because I am a long time Halo fan!”Continue Reading

Debunking a Trope: Lesbians Respond to Lesbian Porn

The porn industry has come to thrive on tropes, and one of their most popular ones is that of lesbian sex. Studies over the years have shown a humongous intake of lesbian porn through downloading online and purchases in stores. It’s become, dare I say it, one of the quintessential genres in the porn industry.

But wait, hold your applause. The youtube channel wickydkewl has explored the lesbian sex trope by showing lesbian porn to the people it actually applies itself to the most. No, not the men that it’s being marketed towards. That’s right, lesbians. In this video, actual lesbians view the porn that represents the way they sexually identify themselves and give their honest-to-god reactions to what they see.Continue Reading

Pleated Jeans’ Jeff Wysaski Shows You How To Flirt With Animal Facts

In the latest video from Pleated Jeans, comedy blogger Jeff Wysaski shows us how to flirt with the aid of some really obscure animal facts.

As you would expect from Wysaski, the video is highly amusing, though we do not recommend you try this at home – if you ever want to get laid that is!Continue Reading

Bride In Wedding Dress Floored By Over-Excited Dog!

Check out this highly amusing video of a bride in her white wedding dress being chased and eventually floored by a boisterous and excitable dog named Tess!

The poor woman, identified only as Morgan, tries her damndest to escape from the mutt as it is clear it only has one purpose in mind when it goes bounding towards her! She had been showing her wedding dress to her grandmother, when the person filming can be heard exclaiming that the dog shouldn’t be let out. The words “too late mate” immediately spring to mind as the dog hurtles towards the bride who has absolutely no chance of escaping the nimble mutt’s advances in that big puffy dress! Continue Reading

Awesome Electric Shock Kissing Prank From Stuart Edge!

Check out the latest prank from YouTube trickster Stuart Edge that involves usually a specially rigged deck of cards to give an unsuspecting person a 330 volt shock.

The aim of Edge’s game is to recreate that “spark” that you feel when you kiss someone that you’re totally besotted with, but of course you can’t recreate a natural chemistry or feelings of intense attraction, which is why he needed a little help from electricity! Continue Reading

Ze Frank Brings Us True Facts About The Aye Aye

The Aye Aye is a weird little creature that not all of you will have heard of, like Ze Frank says it is one of those creatures which “walks the delicate tightrope between radically ugly and cute as hell”! In his “True Facts” series, Ze Frank tells us everything you need to know about this funny looking lemur!

When I was a youngling I did a school project about animals that were threatened with extinction and that’s where I first stumbled upon and became slightly fascinated with the wacky little critter, that really reminds of Batty Koda from Fern Gully! Turns out that part of the reason that the Aye Aye is in trouble is because of a dumbass human superstition that if it points its long, weird middle finger at you, you have to kill it! Continue Reading

Introducing Mia Grace – The 4-Year-Old With An Incredible Knowledge Of The Marvel Universe!

Comic book and superhero geeks will simply love this awesomely cute video featuring a Q&A between 4-year-old Mia Grace and her dad on the Marvel Universe, during a car journey to the store!

This adorable little girl knows a hell of a lot about Marvel superheroes and her manner and demeanor are totally cute too, asking her dad to repeat a question so that she can get it right!

From the substance that Captain America’s shield is made out of, to Iron Man’s nearest and dearest, little Mia is a professional superhero geek in the making!!Continue Reading