Gerard Butler Uses His Ass To Crack Walnuts On German Show!

Check out this insanely weird video of Hollywood heartthrob Gerard Butler’s appearance on an incredibly wacky German television show, where the star of movies like Gamer, Law Abiding Citizen and 300 to name but a few, was asked to crack walnuts using only his asscheeks! Nope, that’s not an inyourendo, he actually had to do it!

Appearing on the show called ‘Wetten, dass…?’ (translating to ‘Wanna Bet That’) Butler was asked to attempt one of the contestant’s mad walnut cracking ass skills and fair play to the guy, because he gives it a good go! Continue Reading

Seattle Public Library Makes Worldest Longest Book Domino Chain

The Seattle Public Library in Seattle, Washington, have set a new world record. On May 31, 2013, twenty-seven volunteers gathered in the library to create the world’s longest domino chain made entirely of books. They were successful in their endeavors and used 2,131 books to complete their domino chain. This spectacle was used to promote the library’s 2013 Summer Reading Program.

YouTube Video Explains How Thor Stays in Shape

Summer is here, so it’s time to get off the couch and get in shape! The YouTube channel, EveryDayThor, gives us a stellar workout routine that just about everyone can do: Prancercise! Of course, it’s only a successful workout if you’re dressed as Thor, God of Thunder, while doing it, thereby weirding out bystanders on the sidewalk around you.

Adobe Pulls Creative Photoshop Prank at Bus Stop

Pranks are at their very best when they’re light hearted and no one gets hurt. Ones like the gallon smashing prank, which first became popular several months ago, are mean, inconsiderate, and disrespectful to the people who work in the stores. Other pranks often take things too far, either in scaring their victims or someone getting hurt. Considering all of this, Adobe has come up with a prank of sorts that is much easier to get behind.Continue Reading

Coca-Cola Brings People From India and Pakistan Together

Coca-Cola has become well known for their commercials that are out to make the world a better place. Whether it’s improving Christmas for people, looking for happy couples in public, or finding the good in the world, honestly, it’s gotten kind of difficult to sit through a Coca-Cola commercial without shedding a tear or two.

In one of their more recent videos, Coca-Cola brought special camera-installed Coke machines to India and Pakistan. These two nations have not had the best relationship over the last sixty years. They’ve had no access to one another, and have been told by big government not to interact. Coca-Cola decided to challenge this through the power of their soda. Coca-Cola’s initiative is “Small World Machines”, in which they provided a live communications portal between the people in India and Pakistan. The two machines required a person at each machine, one in Pakistan and one in India, to complete small tasks with one another in order to receive their soda. Sometimes they had to trace images simultaneously on the screen, while other times they had to dance or photograph the other person.Continue Reading

Pint Sized Doctor Who Fan Talks of Matt Smith’s Exit

Lindalee Rose is undoubtedly the most adorable Whovian you’re likely to come across on the Internet. She’s been doing reviews of Doctor Who episodes for going on nine months now for the Beyond the Marquee Show Youtube channel, recapping what she’s thought of the seventh season. Not only that, but this lucky four year old girl got the opportunity to meet both Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) and Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor).

In her newest installment, she talks about the recent news of Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who after this December’s Christmas special. She talks about how she’s sad that he’s leaving, and how Smith was “the most amazing Doctor ever” and all her favorite things about him as the Doctor. And who is Lindalee gunning for as the new Doctor? Tom Baker. While it’s doubtful that we’re going to get a reprisal from an actor who’s already played the Doctor, the sentiment is sweet nonetheless.

Dads With Disney Songs: Life of Dad Does “A Whole New World”

Back in October Life of Dad released a video of several fathers of different professions singing Disney’s “Part of Your World”, to show that, no matter profession or race, all fathers know these lyrics thanks to their kids.

Well Life of Dad has done it again, but this time with the song “A Whole New World” form the popular Disney film, Aladdin. This video has a slew of men singing, all of which come from different profession.

We see teachers, marines, barbers, construction workers, landscapers, firefighters, basketball players, and the list goes on. While none of these dads are Pavarotti, to say the least, the sentiment rings true nonetheless. This video makes for an incredibly sweet watch and is sure to warm your heart.

Anita Sarkeesian’s Second Feminist Frequency Video Now Available

Anita Sarkeesian is back with Feminist Frequency, this time with her second video in her series Tropes vs. Video Games. She released her first video over two months ago, which focused on the Damsel in Distress trope so often found in gaming. I was becoming worried when no second installment appeared shortly after, but now it has finally hit the internet and I couldn’t be more thankful. This second video in the series, which is funded by Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter, focuses on how violence against women is used in video games.
Continue Reading

Bill Nye Theorizes How Superman is Able to Shave

Bill Nye is arguably one of the most influential scientists of this day and age – no doubt due to the love most people feel towards his 90’s show Bill Nye the Science Guy. Nye disappeared for a while once his show went off the air, but has, as of late, been regained a great amount of his popularity. He spoke in some of the Big Think videos, a satire piece featuring Nye surfaced surrounding the Todd Akin debacle, and he even has a Twitter (though this fake one is almost more well received than the real one).Continue Reading

Aussie Lesbians Recorded Engaging In Cunnilingus On A Melbourne Train! (NSFW)

Public displays of affection (or PDAs as the kids call them) are not everyone’s cup of tea, but something you have to live with as when people are in love or lust, it can prove rather difficult to keep your hands off one another.

Usually however, PDAs are mostly just the odd tongue shoved down a throat or inappropriately positioned hand, because that’s about as far as most of us will go in front of other folks. Lust is one thing, but inhibitions can be pretty powerful too! Continue Reading