Mike Rugnetta Looks At Why We Love Zombies On PBS Idea Channel!

Anyone who regularly uses the internet and/or watches television, will have noticed that we have been overrun by zombies! Luckily the zombie apocalypse has not yet arrived, but there have been countless TV shows, movies, websites dedicated to surviving an invasion etc springing up all over the place.

In the latest episode of web show PBS Idea Channel, host Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) looks at the recent obsession with zombies in popular culture and puts forward several fascinating theories of what these shuffling, brain-eating, cumbersome folk might represent IRL. He also looks back through popular culture history and examines what various villains and enemies were symbolic of during specific eras. Continue Reading

Giant Spiders Freaked Out Meteorologist!

Check out this footage of meteorologist Kristi Gordon having a major freakout when a giant spider appears on her forecast screen. When she notices the giant arachnid, Gordon really panics, hopping about the place and making little high-pitched yelping noises!

It’s funny to watch, but really her reaction is utterly understandable and I think a great many of us would be just as traumatized, if not more so! Ok, so we all know the spider isn’t really there or quite so huge IRL, but in that spine-chilling, horror-inducing split-second, how would you react? I think there’s a lot of people who would be sporting brown trousers if that had happened to them!

Bats Singing The Batman Theme Tune!

Because you’ve always wondered what it would sound like, here is the Batman theme tune as sung by some friendly bats (with a little help from a sampler and a keyboard).

As you probably know, bats produce sounds that our human cloth ears can’t pick up so to make this whole utterly random thing possible, those ultrasounds were digitally reduced to audible frequencies and then assigned keys on a keyboard. Using this keyboard, Ulrich Seidel then played the 1966 Batman theme tune. The interesting footage assigned to our singing bats was put together by Sándor Seuntjens using clips from the 1966 Batman film and the animated television series with National Geographic providing the actual bat footage!

Cat Fighter – Brilliant Street Fighter Parody Featuring Menacing Kitten Warriors!

Cat loving Street Fighter fans will really enjoy this highly entertaining parody of the classic video game that features some double-bastard-hard kittens in a battle to the death!

Created by The Pet Collective, Cat Fighter is described as kittens hashing it out in “some retro SNES fashion” with Ken and Ryu’s legendary rivalry re-imagined on feline level! Now it’s all about who stole the ball of yarn and pilfered the last of the catnip!

I found the short highly entertaining, but feel it is my duty to deliver a word of warning to those of you planning on watching it with your pets – I watched it with my kitten and then she went all Blanka on my ass! So cover their little furry faces if you don’t want them to pick up any violent tendencies!

Instagramimaton – A Stop Motion Short Created With More Than 1,600 Instagram Pics!

Filmmakers Paul Cummings and Eriq Wities (from Friends in Faux) have creating an interesting little short entitled “Instagramimaton” which they describe as a “stop motion adventure through the world of Instagram.”

The short was made up using more than 1,600 individual Instagram photographs and interested parties can also view each individual picture online. Cummings and Wities also made a behind-the-scenes video which explains the various steps of the process they used to create “Instagramimaton” which is pretty intriguing. Continue Reading

Crazy Naked Subway Dude Can’t Decide If He’s A Fighter Or An Olympic Gymnast!

I usually try and avoid public transport at all costs, primarily because I am lazy, I do not like body odor and because all the wackos that use it usually decide they want to be my best friend for the duration of my journey!

But sometimes public transport really can be thoroughly entertaining, especially when you are watching events unfold from the comfort of your laptop and the crazy naked dude isn’t trying to drape his pecker down your leg! Continue Reading

Guns, Drugs & Booty: Just A Standard Video From John McAfee About Uninstalling Software

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that John McAfee is one wacky guy whose questionable antics are often thoroughly entertaining!

Earlier in the year, we keenly followed his story as he went on the run from Belize authorities, wailing to the high heavens about conspiracy theories, poisoned dogs, being framed for murder and what-not! He donned disguises, investigated his own case, was said to have faked a heart attack and introduced his web-followers to the not-so-clandestine network of scantily clad women helping him evade capture and get his story to the world! Continue Reading

Epic Screen Junkies Supercut Of Zombies Getting Their Heads Blown Off

Sometimes there really is nothing better than watching zombies getting their asses handed to them to perk up your mood. So in honor of forthcoming release of World War Z, the zombie blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, Canada-based film buff Louis Plamondon or the “The Sleepy Skunk” as he is more commonly known, created this awesome supercut of zombie headshots for Screen Junkies using many of our favorite classic movies featuring the undead.

If you don’t like blood, gore and gratuitous violence, then this probably isn’t for you, but if you enjoy watching zombies having their soggy skulls blown to smithereens, then what are you waiting for, click play immediately!! Continue Reading

Russell Brand Destroys U.S. News Anchors Live On TV

British comedian Russell Brand is well known for his sharp wit and insane ability to reduce those who attempt to criticize or talk down to him into shuddering nervous wrecks unable to string coherent sentences together and it appears he’s done it again.

Brand appeared on the Msnbc show, Morning Joe, to promote his new tour, The Messiah Complex, but it wasn’t long before the show’s hosts got on the wrong side of him. They repeated referred to Brand in the third person as if he wasn’t there in the studio with them and complained about not being able to understand what he was talking about, so in true flamboyant Brand style, he gave them a lesson in manners and taught them a few tips and tricks that are useful when presenting a television show. Continue Reading

Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow Gets An Epic 80s-Inspired Training Montage

Game Of Thrones fans will simply love this awesome 80s-inspired training montage of Jon Snow fighting to stake his claim and earn his place as one of the Night’s Watch, guardians of The Wall.

Though The Wall is one of the most depressing and morose places depicted in Game Of Thrones (and that’s saying something), this 80s-style video and soundtrack created by Magooch86 will no doubt leave you with a little bit of wacky 80s positivity! Continue Reading