Twitter Tracks Down Geo-Tagged Tweets in the Form of a Map


Twitter has recently released a slew of images of maps, each one covered in an array of tiny dots. These maps represent every tweet that has been geo-tagged since 2009. Over the course of these last four years, geo-tagged tweets have added up to equal billions.

Every dot seen on these images represents one tweet, and the colors vary depending on how many geo-tagged tweets there were in a particular region (for example, a lot of the maps are covered in a blue of low opacity, symbolizing not many geo-tagged tweets have come from that region, as opposed to large areas of dark blue or small bright blue areas, which would suggest many tweets). The map shown above is of Europe, and displays how Europeans have Twitter in the last four years and where it is at its most popular (no surprise, Paris loves Twitter).Continue Reading

Twitter User Gets Tirade Of Flack After Stupid Tweet About England & Ireland Football Match!

A Twitter user had to close her account today after she experienced a serious amount of flack over a rather idiotic tweet she posted about the England vs Ireland friendly football match that took place at Wembley stadium on Tuesday night. For interested parties, the match finished 1-1, with Frank Lampard 23rd minute goal cancelling out Shane Long’s opener in the 13th minute.

In the incendiary tweet, a Ms Jessica James questioned why England were playing against Ireland when they are the same country! Obviously, anyone who knows anything about these two countries and their complicated history and rivalry both on the football field and off it, will know just how much irk this tweet would cause! Continue Reading

Twitter Sends Out Urgent Memo Warning News Agencies About Account Hacks

In the wake of several high profile account hijackings, Twitter has sent out an urgent memo to several news organizations warning them about account security.

Last week a tweet from a hacked AP account caused all manner of mayhem on the stock market as it stated that 2 explosions had taken place in the White House and that President Obama had been injured. Several other accounts have been hacked in recent months and in this new memo, Twitter has cautioned news agencies about their security because they “believe that these attacks will continue.”Continue Reading

LA Woman Uses Police Scanner & Twitter To Keep Residents Informed About Crime In Area!

Alex Thompson, 45, an entrepreneur from Venice Beach, California, has been using Twitter and a police scanner to keep local residents informed about crimes that take place in the area.

She was inspired to create the account about 2 years ago, after noticing that someone had dumped 50 gallons of raw sewage into the street near her home in Venice. It took over a week for the cleanup operation to get rid of the waste, which until then, had just sat there festering in the hot California sun. Continue Reading

New Twitter Service FireMe! That Makes Getting Sacked For Bitching About Work Even Easier!

Apart from that small handful of people who were born with silver spoons in their mouths and have never had to work and that even smaller bunch of folks who have been lucky enough to find their dream job straight away, pretty much all of us, have at some point (or at every point) worked a job that we absolutely despise and hate with all our hearts!

Whilst social media is a great way to voice our angst, upset and displeasure at a lot of life’s more irksome things, using it to complain about your job can have dangerous consequences, even if you have second thoughts and delete offending tweets or posts afterwards. Unfortunately, once something is on the net, there is usually no going back. Continue Reading

Vatican Tweets About Batman! Is This Proof That The Dark Knight Is The Church’s Favorite Superhero?

Those of you who are adamant that Batman is the greatest and most revered of all the superheroes the world has to offer can pat yourselves on the back and smile smugly as it seems that the Catholic Church has given him the thumbs up too. On Thursday night one of the Vatican’s primary Twitter accounts tweeted a story about Batman and it also appeared on the Vatican Communications Office website! Continue Reading

Steubenville Trial Brings Out the Worst People on Twitter

Yesterday the verdict came in about Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays, two boys from Steubenville, Ohio, who raped a sixteen year old girl while she was drunk and passed out at a party. The two sixteen year old’s were found guilty and sentenced to one to three years in juvenile prison – a less amount of time received in comparison to getting caught pirating things onto your laptop. CNN covered the case yesterday, which has caused an outcry of justified anger, seeing as CNN victimized the two “poor boys” for being found guilty and never once mentioned the injustice done to the girl who was raped. There is currently a petition on the internet to make CNN apologize on the air for sympathizing with the Steubenville rapists. It already has 70,517 signatures, and the number just keeps on growing.Continue Reading

The Onion Releases a Public Apology to Quvenzhané Wallis


Less than twenty-four hours after satirical web-site The Onion posted this tweet about young Oscar nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis, this public apology was released. Steve Hannah, CEO over at The Onion, stated how the tweet was “crude and offensive” and that “no person should be subjected to such a senseless, humorless comment masquerading as satire.” The apology seems sincere and we can hope that their Twitter procedures have indeed been tightened.

The Onion Takes Tweeting on Quvenzhané Wallis Too Far

On the night of the Oscars, the Onion posted the above tweet live to their Twitter feed. It pertains to nine year old Quvenzhané Wallis, who is now the youngest Best Actress Nominee in the history of the Academy Awards for the film Beasts of the Southern Wild. While the Onion is known for their satirical articles and their punchy tweets, this is, quite frankly, not all right.

The tweet has since been removed from their site, though no apology has yet been released. Chances are, however, while they’ll probably apologize for what they said, they’re likely to try to justify their words by stating it was a parody on how people verbally destroy every famous woman that comes into view and they were trying to exaggerate that fact by doing so with young Quvenzhané. Even with that justification in mind, it’s hard not to ask ourselves if this is all right even as a joke.Continue Reading

Twitter’s Latest Transparency Report Shows Increase In U.S. Government Data Requests


The latest transparency report from Twitter has revealed a growing number of requests for users’ data from the U.S. Government. The number has increased significantly from the number of requests listed in Twitter’s report from the previous six months. The U.S. government accounts for 81% of all of the data requests that Twitter receives.

On Monday, Twitter said that just 19% of federal and state government requests for user data were accompanied by probable-cause warrants over the 6-month period in 2012 that came to a close in December.
Twitter has stated that they demand a probable-cause warrant whenever requests for tweets or direct messages are made, even though the courts often attempt to get their hands on this kind of data without providing a warrant! Continue Reading