7 Unusual Key Covers: Your Own Keys, Now With Covers On Them!

Keys are boring, unless you’re the one stealing them and using them to take peoples’ cats.  (Dear mysterious cat-taker, please bring back my cat.  He doesn’t like you as much as he likes me.  Stockholm syndrome does not apply to cats.)

These seven unusual keys and key covers will show your personality to the world, and will spice up your life.  Right now, if I were to take a bite out of your life, it would be bland.  Because your life is bland.  You’re bland.  You need to go dress up as Spiderman and punch someone in the face!

1.  Chainsaw Key Cover

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Twenty-Five Geeky Dresses to Wear This Summer


As a nerd, I love any chance to express my geeky qualities through the things that I wear. With the summer sun now out  in my part of the world, I’ve gotten a chance to start wearing sundresses again – one of my favorite parts of summer. I was curious if any geeky dresses were floating around the Internet for purchase, and sure enough I found loads over at Etsy. So, for anyone looking to rock the femme-nerd look while the sun’s still out, here are twenty-five adorably geeky dresses for you to try on over this summer season.Continue Reading

Twenty-Five Pieces of Firefly Fan Art


With Joss Whedon’s new adaption Much Ado About Nothing now out in select theaters, I thought it would be fitting to do a fan art tribute to one of his older, most dearly beloved shows. Yes, I’m talking Firefly. Nowadays people tend to credit Whedon most with his Avengers hit, but diehard fans still mourn the loss of this great show after only fourteen episodes (though we did also get one stellar movie as well). Though we’ll probably never see another film or series based on it, we can still reminisce about how terrific this show was in its day, and what better way than through fan art?

So, without further ado (or, should I say, much ado), here are twenty-five pieces of Firefly fan art for your enjoyment.Continue Reading

Twenty-Five Pieces of The Office Fan Art


The Office had its series finale three weeks ago, and some of us are still getting over it – or, in my case, very much not over it just yet. I’ve begun to rewatch the series from the beginning, reminding myself just how utterly perfect the show was back in its humble beginnings (I don’t think any show has ever had a better second season). In case there’s anyone else out there still bummed at they’re never going to get a chance to visit Dunder Mifflin ever again, here are twenty-five pieces of awesome Office fan art that might help ease the pain.Continue Reading

10 Despicable Me Cakes That Are More Delicious Than Despicable

July 3rd is the day that I am waiting for.  It is the day that we are all waiting for.  This, friends, is the day that Despicable Me 2 comes out in theaters.  (If you are from the future and have already seen Despicable Me 2, don’t spoil the ending because I probably have not seen it yet.  In the future, that is.  *What?*)

These 10 Despicable Me cakes make my eyes salivate, which smears my mascara and gets me all frazzled means that I am as happy as a clam.

Note: I don’t own mascara.

1.  Beautiful Despicable Me Cake Complete With Rabbit Poo Pellets

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The Rise of the Nerds: Twenty Geeky Bars

bar2-hobbit pub

Us geeks love the chance to get together and socialize with one another, be it about gaming, cosplay, fandoms, roleplaying, literature, you name it. Truthfully, we can geek out just about anywhere and be perfectly content, but who doesn’t want to have a truly geektastic place to meet up at with all your friends? That’s where these geeky bars come in. These twenty bars off a wonderful place to socially convene, be it for drinks with your pals or perhaps a bit of game playing. As someone who’s been to one of these bars (Ground Kontrol), let me just personally endorse the notion that there is nothing more fun than playing a video game with your best friend, where you’re both killing zombies while simultaneously drinking beers, all in a bar setting. If Ground Kontrol was that much fun, then I can only guess that the other bars are just as awesome.

So, without further ado, here are twenty wonderfully geeky bars for your enjoyment.Continue Reading

For the DC Lovers: Twenty-Five Purchasable Superman Products


In less than two weeks Man of Steel is finally hitting movie theaters around the world. It will be the first Superman film since 2006’s less than well received Superman Returns, and it’s already being predicted that Man of Steel will surely surpass its predecessors. If you’re as excited as we are about this upcoming film, then you’re gonna need some Superman gear to help get yourself pumped for what is sure to be an awesome superhero reboot. On that note, here are twenty-five different Superman-related products that you can purchase online, sure to make every fan boy and girl truly happy.Continue Reading

Danger Zone: Twenty-Five Pieces of Archer Fan Art and Cosplay

Time for another compilation of fan art/cosplay that has caught my eye as of late! Recently I undertook the mission of watching all four seasons of the hit FX show Archer. Well mission accomplished. In less than a week I devoured all forty-nine episodes, faster than you can say “hilarious voicemail hoaxes” The show, which just wrapped up its fourth season last month and will be returning at some point next year with a fifth, is filled with some of the most deranged characters on television and makes for a hilarious watch.

If you haven’t fallen into the Danger Zone yet, check out these twenty-five pieces of Archer fan art and cosplay to help persuade you!Continue Reading

25 Pieces of Star Trek Fan Art


Star Trek Into Darkness is upon us. While some countries have yet to receive the film, most other countries have been able to see the film at some point last week. In honor of yet another Star Trek movie’s opening, I’ve compiled twenty-five pieces of Star Trek fan art that highlights the J.J. Abram’s 2009 reboot, as well as this new film.Continue Reading

25 Geeky Cocktails to Kick Start Your Summer


Well folks, summer is right around the corner, which is often cause (or a great excuse) for celebration. Whether you’re coming out of yet another year of school, taking time away from work for a bit, or just finding time to sit outside and enjoy the summer weather while you can, nothing says a summer celebration like some tasty cocktails. In honor of summer’s arrival, I’ve composed a list of twenty-five geeky cocktails for your enjoyment. As I’ve written about cocktails for this site numerous times before, I do repeat some of the previous ones I’ve mentioned, though only because they’re still just as awesome the second time around. Plus I’ve gone and found several new drinks that will surely delight nerds everywhere.Continue Reading