Doctor Who Fans Will Have To Wait Till The Fall To Find Out Who Will Be Matt Smith’s Replacement!

Whilst there are many Whovians who had believed they would find out which actor would be taking on the role of the infamous Time Lord in the very near future, the BBC has dashed those hopes by recently stating that the new Doctor would not be announced until August or September!

They have said that actor chosen to play the coveted character’s twelfth incarnation would not be announced until just prior to the filming of the Christmas special, likely to take place in the autumn! Continue Reading

Cat Cams & GPS Trackers Put On Kitties For BBC Show

Kitty-lovers who want to find out more about their beloved furry friends, might be interested in the BBC Two Horizon show “The Secret Life of the Cat” which uses GPS tracking devices and “Cat Cams” to monitor 50 outdoor cats in Surrey, UK in order to discover insights into their behavior.

Many cat owners often wonder what their furry friends get up to when we don’t have our beady eyes on them – do they have their own secret society, do they get on with other neighborhood cats, are they cheating on us with another family? This show should be able to offer some interesting insights about what moggies get up to in their own time! Continue Reading

Footage of Legend of Korra Second Season Finally Released

Legend of Korra, the spinoff television show of Avatar: The Last Airbender, has finally released some footage from their upcoming second season, Book Two: Spirits.

These few brief clips of Legend of Korra show both Korra and Mako in the spirit world, fighting against giant monster-like spirits. (Spoiler alert: it looks like all of Korra’s bending abilities have come back, but that’s not too surprising.) This looks as if the show will be entering into territory, the likes of which we’ve never seen in the world of Avatar. No news as of yet has been released as to when the second season will be airing, though I’m willing to bet it’ll air probably sometime late this summer.

GQ Features John Oliver Taking on Daily Show Hosting Duties


Jon Stewart, who has become everyone’s favorite newscaster (despite the fact that he’s not actually a real newscaster), will be taking a three month hiatus from The Daily Show to take on his first film directing job on the movie RosewaterStewart gave his audience a proper goodbye in last Thursday’s episode, which was unsurprisingly interrupted by John Oliver, who will be serving as his replacement for the next twelve weeks. Last Friday, GQ ushered Oliver into the limelight even more by posting an online feature to help us get better acquainted with the new fake newscaster.Continue Reading

Community Fans Rejoice: Dan Harmon is Returning for Season Five


A lot of people weren’t exactly pleased when it was announced NBC was letting Dan Harmon, creator of Community, go for the show’s fourth season. Most people feared how it would effect the program, and while Community finally aired in February, after the fourth season air date was pushed back several months, something felt off. It didn’t have that special Community touch that so many of us first fell in love with. The running gags were there, as were handfuls of jokes, genre play, and the wacky characters, but it just wasn’t the same without Harmon at the show’s helm.

Well fans can now breath easy once more, cause it looks like Harmon is due to make a Community return (someone finally rolled the dice to get us into a new timeline).Continue Reading

Fans Reactions to Newest Game of Thrones Episode Caught on Video

Okay, I’m gonna do my best to not say anything too spoiler-y about last weekend’s Game of Thrones episode; although, chances are by now you are at least aware that something humungous went down on the show. Even if you’re not a fan and don’t watch the program, it was sort of impossible to escape the hundreds of Facebook statuses and tweets this last Sunday evening, and I’m sure it’s all anyone had to talk about around the water cooler come Monday Morning.Continue Reading

Will Smith and Son Surprise Everyone on The Graham Norton Show

Will Smith visited The Graham Norton Show about a year ago, and was surprised when he was asked to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song for everyone. Despite the fact that his old show has been off the air for sixteen years, Smith still knew all the words and was able to belt them out for the audience.

Today, Smith returned to The Graham Norton Show, this time with his son, Jadan, in tow. The two didn’t seem surprised when Norton pulled out some mics and asked for Jadan to rap, which he did as his father accompanied him by beat boxing. However, this time it was Norton’s turn to be surprise, as after the song ended Smith brought out DJ Jazzy Jeff, his old musical accomplice, and broke out into a rap of his own. The outcome of the performance is amazing, and it just goes to show that Will Smith, even at forty-four, still has it goin’ on.

It’s the Final Countdown: Arrested Development Finally Gets a Trailer

Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech!

Rejoice and be glad! After receiving our first clip of the new Arrested Development fourth season a couple weeks ago, Netflix has now also released the returning show’s first trailer, giving us a brief glimpse into what the Bluth family has been up to all this time. In the trailer, we get to see all nine Bluth’s again (as well as Kitty, George Sr.’s big breasted, annoying ex-mistress), and though the faces have aged a good seven years since we last saw them, they’re still the characters we’ve come to know and love (and laugh at).Continue Reading

HBO Release New Action-Packed Trailer For True Blood Season 6

HBO have released an intense and action-packed trailer for the latest season of True Blood season 6 that is scheduled to air on Sunday 16th June, at 9pm.

Carrying the tagline “No One Lives Forever” the new trailer gives us an inkling that the season’s storyline will revolve around humans declaring a merciless war upon the vamps and they are all in danger! The time has come for the humans to bite back and they seem to have the vampires running scared.

As you would expect from True Blood, there will be lots of violence, gore and sex too!

Steven Thompson & Guillermo del Toro To Work On Monster New HBO Manga Series

Sherlock and Doctor Who writer Steven Thompson is set to join forces with Guillermo del Toro on a new HBO project based on an 18 volume manga tale called Monster.

Del Toro of Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade 2 and Hellboy fans is set to direct and Steven Thompson has been lined up to write the pilot. The manga series Monster was created by Naoki Urasawa and the narrative follows the hunt for a 12-year-old boy, who is described as the “most evil sociopath that has ever lived.”

I’m already intrigued by the idea of a series based on the chase of nefarious pre-teen and with del Toro and Thompson’s skills on the case, I think it could prove to be a really incredible and intriguing series!!