Cheetah Cub Robot Inspired By The Domestic House Cat!

Check out this “cheetah cub robot” designed by the geniuses at French tech company Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL). In a recent video the EPFL team explains the inspiration behind the Robo-kitty which has been modeled upon the natural biology of our beloved feline friend, the house cat! They EPFL researches did not elaborate on whether their robot moggy loves cardboard boxes, can climb the curtains or likes to shit in plant pots…we await further information on these matters.

Despite being dubbed the “cheetah cub robot”, the prototype has been built with stability rather than speed in mind. It is hoped that in the future it will be able to travel rough terrain to assist the military or as an aid in search and rescue operations. Continue Reading

IBM Working on Incorporating Five Senses Into Computers

“In five years a computer system will know what I like to eat better than I do.”

That’s the first line in just one of five videos explaining how computers are soon going to accumulate the five senses of living organisms. The video above exhibits how taste will be communicated through computers, but there are also videos for touch, sight, hearing, and smell. All these videos were released through IBM, who are striving to make all of this a reality. They explain how computers will soon help us understand what baby’s want when they cry, food that is healthy for people individually, and diagnose diseases simply based off a person’s smell. While these huge leaps probably wont be seen in computer technology for a number of years, it is something to look forward to. I feel like IBM is honing what we as a people have been striving towards since computers were first invented; technology that is going to help keep us healthy, alive, and well.

The Cube Brings 3D Printing Right to Your Home


I think I’ve made it clear about how awesome 3D printing is over the last couple weeks. From art to clothing, and even body parts, we’re basically at the point where we can print almost anything – provided we have the materials and the machinery to do so. Up until now, getting our hands on the materials hasn’t been much of a problem, but the machines have not been available for the general public to purchase. However, it looks like that’s all about to change.Continue Reading

Emperor 1510 LX Gives a Futuristic Feel to Workstations


It seems like it’s impossible to escape from technology nowadays. What with out laptops, smart phones, kindles, and soon the Google Glass always with us, it’s become impossible for us to get away from all the electronic emails, notifications, and updates that are constantly being sent. But hey, some people like that, and if you’re dream in life is to turn into Wade from Kim Possible then you may be interested in this.

Bring on the the Emperor 1510 LX, made by the MWE Lab. This chair, made almost entirely of steal, looks like something you’d find in a Star Trek movie or an Asimov novel. Weighing at about two hundred and twenty-five pounds, this workstation comes with a retractable monitor (capable of holding five monitors at most), a keyboard to type, a voice that talks to you, and even a cup holder. It also reclines and rotates. All it’s missing is a mini fridge and a catheter, and then you’d never have to leave.

The chair is currently priced at $21,500. You can watch a video of the Emperor 1510 LX in action and check out more information about this workstation over at the MWE Lab’s official site.

Japanese Reinvent Bicycle Parks to Save Space

We all know how hard it can be to find a good parking spot when we’re out driving, but what about when we’re out cycling? Apparently Japan has such a shortage of places to park their bicycles that they’ve built an intricate underground parking system for bikes, like none you’ve ever seen before.

In this video, we’re shown Japan’s new systems, which are being called bicycle parks. How it works is you first embed a special chip into the front of your bike. Then you lead your bike towards the bicycle park, and upon the system reading the bike’s chip the doors will open. You then insert the front wheel of your bike through the open slot, which will then grips the tire. After you push a green button, and stand safely behind a yellow line, the bicycle park will pull your bike all the way in, lower it underground, and store it safely. When you buy the chip for your bike, you’re also given a card. You swipe this card in order to retrieve your bike whenever you want it back.Continue Reading

WiSee Makes Simple Mundane Tasks Even Simpler


Have you ever been in bed, all comfy-cozy, and not wanted to get up to turn off the lights? Or wanted to change the channel on the TV, But the remote is on the opposite side of the room? Or are just too hot to get up and turn the air conditioning? Well WiSee may be the solution to solve all your problems, and more.

WiSee is a gesture recognition system powered through the use of wireless singles. Basically? It allows you to control your electronic devices through a sequence of different gestures. Developed by scientists at the University of Washington, WiSee connects through your Wi-Fi and makes tasks that would only take you five seconds to complete now easily completed in only one second.Continue Reading

Goertz Offers Virtual Shoe Fittings All Over Germany

Years ago virtual reality was something we could only imagine through fictional worlds such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Tron. Nowadays we can use virtual reality to do something as benign as try on a pair of shoes.

The German online shoe store, Goertz, has started a campaign all across Germany. They’re setting up Microsoft Kinect powered installations in shopping malls and central stations, allowing people to partake in virtual shoe fittings. How it works is simple. You start off by selecting the brand and type of shoe you’re most interested in on the machine’s screen, then tell it your own foot size. Once it has that information, the machine will scan your feet. You’ll then be able to see a live action shot of yourself in motion on the large screen, as well as 3D versions of the shoe you requested on your feet. You can change up the kind of shoe you’re wearing if the one you first picked doesn’t suit your fancy, and you can even take a picture of yourself and upload it straight to Facebook to share with friends. If interested in purchasing a pair of shoes, a code will pop up for you to scan with your smartphone. This will bring the product’s page up on your phone’s screen, allowing you to purchase it right then and there.Continue Reading

Eat Your Heart out 3Doodler: Mataerial Takes 3D Pritning to a Whole New Scale


It seems like every time I look to see what’s going on in the world of technology, I come across some new piece development of 3D printing. As I said a little over a week ago, I’m betting that 3D printing will be one of the pieces of technology that will advance the most in these coming years. Already this year we’ve seen 3D printed shoes, weaponry, dresses, food, and even body parts. With the introduction of the 3Doodler four months ago, the world’s first 3D printing pen, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that someone’s manufactured a similar product, only of a much larger scale.Continue Reading

3D Printed Shoes Made to be a Perfect Fit

dna shoes

Last week I wrote about how 3D Printing has come a long way in the past several years, considering how nowadays we can use this technology to create missing fingers and even food. It truly is a piece of technology that is going to continue to swiftly advance and grow.Continue Reading

Chinese Farmer Creates Bionic Arms After Finding Hospital Ones Useless!

Chinese Farmer Sun Jifa, 53, from the northern Jilin province, lost both his arms in a freak accident nearly a decade ago. A fishing explosive went off prematurely in his home meaning that he had to live the rest of his life as a double amputee.

Sun was unable to afford top-of-the-range, expensive prosthetics and was forced to buy a low-grade pair which he claims were useless. With them, he was unable to work or carry out routine activities that most of us take for granted each day. But instead of bemoaning his tragedy, Sun set about trying to build his own bionic arms and now has a pair that enable him to carry out farm work, help around the house and care for his wife and daughters. Continue Reading