Mindtunes Alllows People with Physical Disabilities to Create Music

Who’d have thought two decades ago that we’d someday be able to create music with the power of our minds?

Smirnoff launched the campaign Mindtunes, which is a program designed to create music simply through thought, without having to pick up a single instrument. The project was created by Julien Castest, a neurotechnology expert with a degree in music, science, and technology. The team brought in three physically disabled people who are all big fans of music: Andy Walker, Jo Portois, and Mark Rowland. They were attached to machinery, and it was explained to them that the machines took their brain waves and emotions, and then transformed them into sound waves.Continue Reading

Introducing Ryan Wang, 5, An Adorable Piano-Playing Prodigy!

Check out this video that features adorable 5-year-old piano prodigy Ryan Wang appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Wang, from Canada, is so supremely talented, that watching him play piano will send shivers down your spine. It’s hard to believe that he’s only being playing the instrument for a year! Continue Reading

Tina, 14, With An Awesome Rendition Of Van Halen’s “Eruption” Guitar Solo!

Check out teenage guitar prodigy Tina, 14, doing an incredibly awesome rendition of infamous Van Halen guitar solo Eruption. Wow, just wow, this girl has some immense talent!!

It seems like you guys think so too, because this video of Tina strumming the shit out of her guitar has gone viral, receiving over a million YouTube views in just a few days!

Next I want to see her take on some Led Zeppelin or Slash Solos!

Source: HyperVocal

Westboro Baptist Church Tweet Plans To Picket Funeral Of Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman

The rancid asshats at the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) are up to their old tricks again, tweeting their foul plans to picket the funeral of legendary Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

Hanneman passed away from liver failure at the age of 49 on 2nd May, he was also said to have been suffering from necrotizing fasciitis which he may have contracted from a spider bite.

After his death, fellow musicians and fans took to Twitter to express their grief and pay tribute to the instrumental guitarist. But true to form, the nefarious WBC has taken the opportunity to spread their unique brand of vitriol. Continue Reading

Mind Blowing Cover Of Vandross Song By Two Young Boys From The Philippines Goes Viral

Check out this incredible cover of the Luther Vandross hit “Dance with my Father Again” by Aldrich Lloyd Taloding and his cousin James Walter Bucong.

The video, in which Aldrich sings, whilst James plays guitar was uploaded to YouTube just over a week ago and it has already received more than a million views. Continue Reading

Patti Smith’s Invaluable Advice For Aspiring Artists

This awesome video features an interview with the infamous rocker, poet & artist Patti Smith where she offers some invaluable and insightful advice for aspiring artists trying to make their name in the world.

The interview took place at the Louisiana Literature festival last year, at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, (in Denmark, not Louisiana, U.S.) but has recently featured on several sites, for it really is a gem of inspiration. Continue Reading

Rihanna Makes It Rain: Singer Spends $8,000 In Miami Strip Club

Rihanna is never far from the headlines and the controversial singer doesn’t seem to be overly bothered by the troupe of paparazzi that follow her around filming her every move. In fact, she’s happy enough doing stuff on camera that most of us would really rather the hope the entire internet didn’t get to see.

So really, this 13 second video of Rihanna making it rain in a Miami strip club, isn’t a huge deal – as she’s been the subject of much more controversial or sensational matter – like her relationship with singer Chris Brown who famously abused her a few years ago. But the short clip undoubtedly will go viral and will probably end up being watched by millions of people so we thought we better give it a mention!Continue Reading

Tom Bingham’s Fantastic Star Wars Inspired Guitars

Retired printer Tom Bingham from Corby, UK, has an awesome hobby, he makes fantastic customized Star Wars and sci fi themed guitars using scrap bought from car boot sales!

Bingham, 64, can spend months on the awesome creations and now has a collection of more than 20 instruments including a Millennium Falcon electric guitar and Jedi Anakin Fighter guitar. I guess that’s one way to play a Han Solo (sincerest apologies for that terrible pun, I just couldn’t help it). Continue Reading

K-pop Fans Angered After YouTube Vids Are Blocked

K-pop fans that live in the U.S., UK and Australia were mightily pissed off this week after being blocked from dozens of YouTube vids featuring their favorite bands and they voiced their anger across several different social media platforms. When they tried to access the vids, they were instead greeted with a “restricted” message and they weren’t going to take this travesty lying down!

The Universal Music Group soon realized that keeping these fans from their K-pop is a dangerous move as the fans began trending #giveususkpop and #umg on Twitter and Tumblr and splattered their complaints all over Universal’s Facebook and YouTube accounts.Continue Reading

Rapper Gucci Mane So Stoned That He Slept Through Big Sex Scene In ‘Spring Breakers’

Gucci Mane
Movie directors have their work cut out dealing with the egos and numerous demands that their big stars make on set, but who would’ve thought that they’d also have to deal with the issue of their headliner falling asleep during a sex scene!

Well that’s just what happened to ‘Spring Breakers’ director Harmony Korine, who was trying to film a sex scene between rapper Gucci Mane and a woman who had been cast especially because she had features that were known to be Mane’s preference. Continue Reading