Clever Ambigram Samaritans Ad Campaign For Depression Awareness

A clever ad campaign created by agency Publicis to raise awareness about depression for the Samaritans of Singapore utilizes ambigrams to disclose hidden cries for help.

For those of you who don’t know, an ambigram is a word, image or art form that carries a double-meaning when viewed from another direction or perspective. In the case of this advertising campaigning seemingly positive graffiti messages carry hidden signs of depression that become clearly visible when the image is turned upside down. Continue Reading

Heineken Introduce Interactive “Ignite” Beer Bottle

Heineken have introduced what is being dubbed as the world’s first interactive beer bottle – the Heineken Ignite! The Ignite bottle looks much like a regular beer bottle, but it has an LED inside the plastic base that will light up whenever you cheers someone, dance, take a sip, or in response to the rhythm in loud music.

Judging from the advert, it is clearly targeted at the generation who like the sort of music that is played in clubs and at raves and I can see the novelty factor making it popular amongst the younger drinkers. The 80-year-old dude who always sits at the same chair and drinks his stout out the same tankard occasionally spilling some on the stinky old dog nestled beneath his feat, probably won’t be so enthralled! Continue Reading

New Nokia Advert Implies iPhone Users Are Zombies

Nokia has taken a side-swipe at Apple in the latest advert for the new Nokia Lumia 925 which implies that iPhone users are all brain-dead zombies! The Nokia 925’s tagline reads “The best pictures in any light. Even without the flash” hinting that the 925’s camera is waaaay superior compared to the iPhone’s camera that will make people look like zombies with pale skin and nasty red eyes!
The Lumia 925 boasts a 4.5 inch screen, an 8.7 megapixel camera and a Glance Screen that shows always shows the time.

In the commercial, our human protagonist walks down a street as shuffling, cumbersome undead brain-eaters begin to emerge from the shadows. He shies away, with fear and panic in his eyes as one washed-out rocker-looking zombie tries to take a picture of him!Continue Reading

Corona Billboard Ad Campaign Turns The Moon Into A Lime Wedge

A clever advertising campaign utilized some nifty astronomy in order to turn the crescent moon into a lime wedge for a billboard advertising Corona beer!

On certain nights of the month and from certain angles, the crescent moon would align itself with the tip of the bottle to resemble the lime wedge which Corona is traditionally drunk with. The billboard was located in New York City and the last time that passersby were able to witness the ‘lime wedge moon’ effect was the 14th-15th June.

If you weren’t able to see it in person, then you can see how it works in Corona’s promotional video. Continue Reading

Cheerios Portrays an Interracial Marriage in Ad and Receives Backlash

Last week this adorable commercial for Cheerios hit the Internet. It features a daughter approaching her mother, asking about the benefits of eating Cheerios. Upon learning that the cereal helps make hearts healthy, the little girl runs off with a smile on her face. Cut to her sleeping father, who awakes in confusion to find the left side of his chest covered in Cheerios. While a pretty basic commercial, you have to admit it is pretty adorable.Continue Reading

New Windows Ad Wades Into The Apple vs Samsung Fanboy Battle

A new advert for the Windows-based Nokia Lumia 920 has sent Microsoft wading into the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung fanboys, portraying them as idiotic and argumentative all whilst suggesting that the Nokia smartphone is a way better device!

The advert is set at a wedding, but instead of the guests being separated into families, they are divided by their smartphone allegiances. It all gets out of hand when one Apple aficionada tells a Samsung enthusiast to move his “enormous phone” out of the way as he tries to snap a picture of the happy couple. A few insults are bantered back and forth, before all hell breaks loose and the fanboys get physical! Continue Reading

eBay Experimenting With New Ways To Encourage People To Get Selling!

eBay is reported to be experimenting with a host of new methods, many of which are intended to increase the amount of goods for sale.

The latest project with which eBay is said to be experimenting with is called Sell It Forward. With Sell It Forward customers sign up to a website and have a bag with prepaid postage mailed to them. They then fill this bag with all of their unwanted clothes, shoes and handbags and send it off. eBay’s partner in the project, the San Francisco Bay Area branch of nonprofit Goodwill Industries will then try to sell the goods that have been sent to them. Continue Reading

Pricing Experiments For New Businesses & Entrepreneurs

ConversionXL has recently published a fascinating article brimming with useful recommendations for entrepreneurs and new business owners that offers a great deal of advice about how to successfully price products.

Choosing the right price can prove a difficult dilemma. We all know that if you charge too much you’ll miss out on sales, but if you charge too little you’ll run the risk of failing to cover your costs and struggle to make any profit. Continue Reading

“Less Apps More Apples”: Cider Ad Might Be The Best Apple-Mocking Commercial Yet

Who would have thought that cider brewers Somersby would be in contention for the accolade of creating the best Apple-mocking commercial to yet? When you think Apple-bashing, they wouldn’t be a company that would immediately spring to mind, you’d first think Samsung, Google and maybe Microsoft.

Yet it seems as though they have successfully jumped onto the Apple-mocking bandwagon and may even be driving the cart with this creation. Continue Reading

Meet Mohawk Gaz – The Guy Who Turned His Flamboyant Hairdo Into An Advertising Billboard!

Meet Mohawk Gaz, the Florida resident who has managed to turn his eye-catching Mohawk hairdo into an advertising billboard.

Mohawk Gaz, whose real name is Gasmy Joseph said he got the idea to turn his hairstyle into artistic advertising space a few years ago, when a friend asked him to help advertise his birthday party. It occurred to Gaz that spray-painting details of the party onto his outrageous hairdo would allow everyone to see it. The idea went down a storm and since then he has been spray-painting his Mohawk with all sorts of different designs and offering it up as advertising space for friends and small businesses. Continue Reading