Public Flocks To Google Alternative DuckDuckGo After PRISM Controversy

The PRISM controversy has rocked a large number of people, as it presented an example of just how unprotected our data is really is. It has caused a lot of people to lose faith in many of the internet companies that we use on a daily basis, but seems to have done a lot of good for Google alternative, DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo market themselves as an entirely anonymous search engine, claiming that they are the only ones that do not track or filter searches based on your past history. It was launched in 2008 by entrepreneur Gabriel Weinberg and he claims that there data is so anonymous, that it would be completely useless to the NSA! Continue Reading

Yahoo’s Privacy Statement Reports More Than 12,000 Requests For User Data In Last 6 Months

In a bid to distance themselves from claims made by media outlets like The Washington Post and The Guardian that companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Apple had allowed the NSA to access user data as part of the of the PRISM program, Yahoo have released a privacy statement detailing government requests for user data.

Yahoo and several other companies that were linked to the PRISM program have eagerly sought to deny their involvement in the program.
In the statement made earlier this week, Yahoo stated that between December 1st 2012 and May 31st 2013, they had received more than 12,000 requests for user data. They said that the majority of these requests concerned “fraud, homicides, kidnappings and other criminal investigations.”Continue Reading

Netflix Soon to Allow Multiple Profiles in Shared Accounts


Netflix, in the past, has only catered to a “one person per account” system. While people have found ways around this in order to share accounts, there have always been obstacles. Only one person can have a DVD out at a time (which is difficult when film tastes differ or if you don’t live in the same household), and two people can’t watch the same movie simultaneously on different devices (which I’m sure made the newest season of Arrested Development difficult for some). Speaking as someone who is currently sharing her Netflix account with three people who don’t live in the same city as me, I know first hand how frustrating it can be at times.Continue Reading

Youtube Makes Slow Motion Video Effect Available to Users


Youtube is always making advancements and changing things up in order to keep their site fresh and exciting. Looking towards their most recent update, the site has made it possible for their users to change their videos to slow motion upon being uploaded. The options at this time include slowing videos down to half speed, quarter speed, or 1/8th speed. You can either apply this effect while you’re uploading your video, or you can go through your already uploaded videos and make some changes through the enhancements feature.Continue Reading

Twenty-Five Hilarious Reactions to Yahoo’s Takeover of Tumblr


As of earlier this week, Yahoo became the new owner of the popular blogging site, Tumblr, and is in route to completely take over the company in July of 2013. Despite Yahoo’s persistent promises that they plan on keeping the site the same and not undergoing any huge changes, Tumblr users have been a little, shall we say, hesitant. Well, hesitant might be too weak of a word. Resistant. Angered. Scared. Freaking out. There, that paints you a better picture.

Luckily, Tumblr is great at taking a situation and turning it upside down to make it hilarious. Here are twenty-five popular reactions in response to the soon-to-be Yahoo takeover of Tumblr.Continue Reading

Viral Sensation “Kai The Hitchhiker” Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder!

The viral internet sensation known as “Kai the Hitchhiker” who burst onto the scene a few months ago after he smashed a guy in the head with a hatchet to save a woman he was assaulting, has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

It has been reported that Caleb McGillvary, who is better known as “Kai the Hitchhiker” was apprehended in Philadelphia in connection with the murder of Joseph Galfy Jr., 73, in New Jersey. According to various media outlets, Galfy, a lawyer’s clerk, met Kai in New York City a little while prior to his death but further details of their relationship are as yet unknown. Continue Reading

Campaign For Aaron Swartz Loses Battle To Get Case Documents Unsealed

Those campaigning for justice for the late internet activist Aaron Swartz as well as general reform to the outdated and archaic CFAA were dealt a bitter blow this week as the U.S. District Court judge handling the prosecution aligned with the wishes of the DoJ, MIT and JSTOR and refused to unseal integral case information.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation states: “The ruling effectively grants the Department of Justice, MIT and JSTOR a veto over what the public gets to know about the investigation.”Continue Reading

Aaron Swartz’ Final Project: An Open Source System For Anonymously Submitting Documents To The Press

The New Yorker recently announced that they would be using a new document sharing system that would allow people to anonymously and securely submit documents to their journalists entitled Strongbox.

Numerous other media organizations have made similar attempts to implement such systems, however they have often been flawed with numerous security issues. Continue Reading

Design Your Own 3D Printed Robot With My Robot Nation!

My Robot Design
If you love robots then you might be interested in the website which lets you get all creative and design your own robot which will then be 3D printed and delivered to your door!

There are dozens of different robot parts, colors, widgets and big red buttons to choose from so you can really customize this little guy and make him your own! You can get pretty damn arty (or silly – which is the road I went down) and even give your robot bow ties and suchlike! Choose from bright colors, pastel shades or retro hues to color your bot and make it really stand out! Continue Reading

The EFF “Who Has Your Back” Annual Report Shows Which Companies Fight For Your Privacy

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has released their annual report, which is an analysis about which online companies do the most to protect your data and right to privacy when the government come calling.

The companies analyzed by the EFF include ISPs, cloud storage providers, social networking sites and blogging platforms and they are assessed according to how publicly they commit to standing by their users when the government seeks to access their data.

The companies that were evaluated are as follows: Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Comcast, Dropbox, Facebook, Foursquare, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, MySpace,, Spideroak, Twitter, Tumblr, Verizon, WordPress and Yahoo. Continue Reading