Awesome Fresh Prince Rap Themed Answer To Physics Homework!

When you’re trying to find ways to keep yourself entertained whilst doing your physics homework, what better way than to answer the questions in the form of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap?

I can honestly say that it’s not something I ever thought of doing, but this kid’s Fresh Prince-themed explanation of Archimedes’ Principle might just be the best physics homework answer I’ve ever seen! Continue Reading

Store Bought Wedding Card Translated For Personalized, Profound Marital Tips!

Store bought cards with their cheesy, hackneyed messages for whatever occasion can be incredibly dull and unimpressive, so one wedding guest decided to translate one of these cards to liven it up a little and did a pretty darn good job of it.

Images of the card were posted to Reddit by danideahl with the heading “sage wedding advice from our friends” and it really does contain some insightfully profound pearls of wisdom. Well, that’s how I perceive them to be, I’ve never been married, but it seems like sound advice to me! Continue Reading

Housemates Turn Travelling Dude’s Room Into An Enchanted Fairy Empire!

When a dude named Tom (Redditor Twoverend) went travelling abroad for 2-months, his dear housemates decided that his bedroom needed a serious makeover. Looking at his rather dull, soulless room, it is easy to see why these guys felt inspired to make some changes and bring some charisma to his bedroom, though we’re not quite sure how Tom would feel about their design choices!

His housemates turned his bedroom into a full-on enchanted fairy empire, complete with My Little Pony stuffed toys and figurines, bright pink sparkly décor and all sorts of other fantastical adornments! They even photoshopped his image into child pageant pictures and used them to decorate the walls! Continue Reading

Brilliant First Grader’s Note That Explains Sexual Intercourse In 3 Simple Steps!

Understanding sex is a big part of life, heck most of us have been at it for years and still don’t really get all the ins and outs. Talking about it with kids can also be particularly painstaking, not to mention damn awkward, which is why most parents are kinda relieved by the fact that sex education in schools is compulsory! Perhaps not the parents of this particular first grade kid who authored this hilarious note which describes “how too have sex” in 3 simple, easy steps.

The kid suggests you start out with a bit of wooing, a kiss – that should be more than enough of that. Then it’s about getting your special thing and sticking it in their ‘but’ and last but not least, the kid adds that you should “enjoy”, because well, otherwise there isn’t much point! Continue Reading

Man Gives His Honeymooning Brother’s Home A Mr. Blobby Colors Makeover In Revenge Prank!

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold and that was certainly the case for Russell O’Rourke who waited 6 years for the perfect opportunity to exact revenge on his brother Steve!

See Steve, who is a builder had pulled a sneaky prank on his brother while he was honeymooning 6 years ago and put a brick wall up over his driveway whilst he was away. Continue Reading

Best Ever Out Of Office Message For Job Leavers!

Redditor SpookyGeek was quitting his job today and posted this brilliant “out of office” message for her colleagues.

It features the infinite wisdoms of the infamous Simpsons’ character Troy McClure and seeks to explain, in McClure’s uniquely insightful way, why the employee has moved onto pastures new!

You might remember Troy McClure from such “out of office messages as Going to a Doctor’s Appointment that’s definitely not a Job Interview” and should certainly watch out for him in upcoming “It’s Not a Hangover, it’s Food Poisoning – I Swear”!Continue Reading

The Very Best Of The Luis Suarez “Bitegate” Memes

Luis Suarez1
Even if you are not a football (soccer) fan, if you have friends that follow the sport on any of your social networking platforms, the chances are you will have heard about Liverpool striker Luis Suarez’ disgraceful actions during the Premiership game between Liverpool and Chelsea that took place on Sunday.

Controversial striker Suarez was caught clearly on television cameras trying to bite a chunk out of Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic’ arm. It’s not the first time Suarez has been caught biting an opponent, nor is he ever far from the headlines for the wrong reasons as well as the right ones. The Uruguayan striker leads the Premierships scorers with 23 goals so far this season, 2 goals more than Manchester United’s Robin Van Persie, but unfortunately he can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble. Banned for racially abusing Patrice Evra last year and with a whole heap of other incidents in his past, Suarez actions have once again got him the wrong sort of publicity! Continue Reading

Illusionist Rich Ferguson & The Hilarious Chair Prank

Check out this brilliantly funny video of illusionist Rich Ferguson in action, pranking people when they least expect it. Accomplished magician and prankster Ferguson cleverly disguises himself as a café chair and then scares the living bejesus out of people by leaping up when they unwittingly place their posteriors in his lap!

I must say, he makes a very convincing chair! Continue Reading

Headless Driver Terrorizes Drive-Thru Employees

Prankster and magician Rahat Hussein is back behind the wheel again and has concocted yet another disguise to terrorize those poor unsuspecting Drive-Thru employees.

Rahat’s Drive-Thru Invisible Driver pranks proved to be a bit of a viral phenomenon and it seems like Drive-Thru workers have cottoned on to his dastardly tricks. So for his next prank, he decided that an invisible driver, or horror-doll Chucky at the wheel just wouldn’t be freaky enough and tried to get them to drop their hamburgers by putting a headless driver into the mix.

Check out Rahat’s video and watch their hilarious reactions!

Canadian Auto Trader Posts Ad For $9.32 Million Acura Martian Spacecraft

We always knew that alien aircrafts wouldn’t come cheap – all that intergalactic technology that enables them to fly super far, super fast and avoid detection are bound to come with an otherworldly price tag, so the Martian spacecraft listed by Canadian Auto Trader is a relative steal at $9.32 million.

According to the Auto Trader listing, the Acura MDX Martian Peewee IV Mini Saucer is “low on light-years” and a “classic piece of Martian engineering”. It boasts a compact shape and cloaking device that the seller states will help you create crop circles undetected and is just perfect for the discreet observation of lifeforms in neighboring solar systems. Continue Reading