Awesome Scuttling Lego Strandbeest Inspired By Creations Of Theo Jansen

Check out this awesome (and somewhat creepy) scuttling Lego Strandbeest that was created by designer Jason Allemann.

Allemann’s scurrying creation, complete with little minifig at the helm was inspired by the Strandbeest designs of renowned sculptor Theo Jansen.

Watch as it scuttles around the place on its spindly little legs like a creepy Lego insect that you really hope doesn’t turn up behind the shower curtain! Continue Reading

Father & Daughter To Send A Tardis Into Space To Commemorate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

Robert and Alex Doyle absolutely love the hit TV show Doctor Who and with the 50th anniversary of the cult science fiction classic coming up, the pair felt that they had to do something dramatic to celebrate this important milestone.

The father and daughter from Florida decided to send a model Tardis into space and set about raising the funds to pay for a commercial rocket to do this! Continue Reading

Superhero Themed Wedding For the Win


Honestly, when done right, you can’t beat a themed wedding. They can be simply the best.

On May 11th of this year, Heather and Kim tied the knot inside the Greenville Children’s Museum. The theme of their wedding? Comic books and superheroes. It looks as if it was a beautiful event, both in ceremony and in decor. Their decorations were superhero themed, including comic strip napkin rings, the color schemes of their flowers, and vintage comic postcards for their guests to write notes on in lieu of a guestbook. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of superhero logo t-shirts worn under jackets, just waiting to be revealed in the class Superman pose. Heather even baked a beautiful Wonder Woman and Xena themed cake. Yes, it looks like Heather and Kim’s superhero themed wedding was certainly a dream come true for them, and certainly an event to remember by everyone in attendance.Continue Reading

Mike Stimpson Brings Star Wars Lego to Life in His Photography


If there’s one thing Mike Stimpson excels in, its taking pictures of Star Wars lego. Stimpson has been on Flickr since September of 2006, and has posted six hundred and ninety-two photographs since he first joined. This longtime Flickr user started off his account by posting a mix of nature photography, portraits of material goods, and simple lego figurines; however, the longer he stayed on Flickr, the more he’d share photographs of only lego, usually of the Star Wars persuasion. Stimpson will occasionally still share a nature shot, or perhaps a portrait of himself, but it’s become rare for him to post art that doesn’t involve legos nowadays. While his lego photography first started off as flat and generic, now his photos are detailed and funny. The lego feel brought to life in Stimpson’s photography, as he finds innovative ways to mold them in each picture he takes. Stimpson has also released his first book, Stormtroopers, We Love You, which can be purchased over on blurb for $17.25 (soft cover), $29.31 (hardcover, dust jacket), or $34.58 (hardcover, ImagineWrap).Continue Reading

Geek Interior Design: Intense Portal-themed Bedroom


Themed bedrooms tend to go one of two ways. If not done properly, they either come off as sad or the lair of a crazy person. However, when done right they can be amazing. Lucky for us, this Portal-themed bedroom falls into the latter category.

Created by Lauren, who credits herself as an accountant/painter/gamer/adrenaline junkie/nerd/everything enthusiast. This bedroom first began garnering attention over on Reddit, and now all of the Internet is abuzz about it. Lauren’s had some experiencing designing rooms before, but never anything so bold as her Portal bedroom. Over on her blog, not only has she shared a slew of pictures of her design and layout, but she has begun to explain how she went about getting her room to look like this. She’s showed what the room looked like before she did anything to it, some of the materials and tools she used in crafting her design, where she purchased the wall art and furniture, etc. The finished product truly is incredible. All she’s missing is the phrase “The Cake is a Lie” scrawled on one of her walls and this Portal-themed bedroom would be all set.Continue Reading

Attention Lego Lovers: World’s Largest X-wing Model Now Exists


What child didn’t grow up dreaming of having their very own X-wing Starfighter to ride in? One that they could use to fly to far off distant planets (Dagobah, perhaps?), while also fighting off the evil forces of the Empire and saving the galaxy. While this Star Wars fighter is still not a reality and may never be, there is now an awesome life size X-wing Fighter Plane made entirely out of legos (complete with a lego Luke Skywalker inside), which was revealed in New York City last week.Continue Reading

Introducing Captain Bayley’s “Infernal Dichoto-Velocipod” Aka The Steampunk AT-ST!

Regular readers might remember the awesome Steampunk AT-AT (or Captain Bayley’s Infernal Mechano-Perambulator as it was called) that a dude named Mark created as an engagement present for his fiancé Caroline, that we featured on this site back in April.

If you loved that epic creation, then you will no doubt be interested in the latest addition to Captain Bayley’s “Infernal Perambulator Family”, the “Infernal Dichoto-Velocipod”. Though this is the name given to the adorable steampunk critter, its creator has already accepted that on the internet, it will undoubtedly be dubbed the “Steampunk AT-ST” by the internet’s huge Star Wars fanbase!Continue Reading

Epic Gameboy Cake Featuring Zelda On The Screen!

Check out this absolutely superb Gameboy cake that features Zelda on the screen! An image of the colossally epic cake was posted in the subreddit /r/gaming by redditor elsewhere1 with the title “Gameboy + Zelda + Cake = win” so you can work out by that, that he thought the cake was pretty darn impressive.

It seems the internet has been pretty impressed with it too, as the image of the cake has been viewed more than 230,000 times in just 7 days.

It is a fairly large sized cake too, so theoretically it could provide sustenance for a major Zelda gaming session!!

Awesome LEGO NXT Creations: “The Carousel” That Changes Your Xbox 360 Discs!

Check out this awesome YouTube clip uploaded by zwenkka that showcases the Lego NXT Xbox 360 Disc Changer that was dubbed “The Carousel”.

Zwenkka says that the awesome construct was put together with a friend during the winter of 2012 and early 2013. The pair that created “The Carousel” are just 15-years-old!! Continue Reading

Female Game Developer Calls Boss Out On Sexism Using Poster Of Scantily Clad Dude

A female games developer working at Hawken developer Meteor Entertainment had a bit of a problem with a poster that her boss CEO Mark Long had hanging proudly in the office, it featured a lady mechanic not exactly wearing much in the way of clothing and it really really irritated her.

She said

It is the first thing workers and visitors see when they enter the building and the last thing they see when they leave. This little lady’s undermeats have been the open- and close- parens to my work world for the last six months.

Continue Reading