Game Of Thrones Favorites Get Online Dating Profiles

Anyone who watches Game of Thrones know that the main characters are often a little bit too busy to concern themselves with the frivolities of dating, there’s just too much murder, betrayal, treason, incest and backstabbing to bother worrying oneself with trying to find a significant other.

Though the main characters don’t seem to have much trouble getting laid, the hilarious folks over at Team Pwnicorn decided to give them a hand finding more meaningful relationships and created them some brilliantly funny online dating profiles!

So if you saw these profiles on an online dating site, who would you be inclined to want to wine and dine? Continue Reading

Epic Wedding Party Photo Features A T-Rex Chasing Guests!

There’s a lot that can go wrong at weddings, last minute jitters, a fleeing significant other, Best Man’s Speeches that are so controversial they leave any future relationship between the couple untenable, brawling families, food disasters, etc – the list is pretty much endless.

However one thing most people can pretty much bank on not going wrong on their big day, is a ravenous dinosaur descending on the wedding party and looking at the guests as an light appetizer!Continue Reading

Fancy A Fascist Cuppa? The JC Penney Tea Kettle That Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To Hitler!

If you are one of those people who regularly see faces in weird places, then you will undoubtedly notice the image of fascist dictator Adolf Hitler within this JC Penney Tea Kettle!

A picture of a billboard advertising the kettle was posted in the subreddit Los Angeles by user billburman who said it was spotted just east of the southbound 405 in Culver City.

The image has proven to be very popular with Redditors and the comment stream features numerous word-plays on tea varieties slightly altered so that they something to do with the infamous dictator. My personal favorites were “Night of the Oolong Knives” and “Chamoheil”!

Dog Beards Or Cat Beards? Pooch Owners Muscle In On The Web Action

Recently we wrote about “cat beards” the latest photo meme phase to capture the internet’s imagination which has seen kitteh owners position their beloved furry friends in such a way that their chins resemble facial hair! Now it seems dog owners are hankering after a slice of the action and have offered the internet a bastardization of the meme that features their faithful pooches!

So “dog beards” were born and it seems that these images of people with their dog’s chins strategically positioned over their faces have also proved popular on the internet. According to Bruce Cat, the “apparent leader of the “dog beard movement is comedian Vikki Stone”, who tweeted: “I found the cat beard too hard, so, ladies & gentlemen, I give you….. THE DOG BEARD.”Continue Reading

Facial Hair For Superheroes: The Awesome Batman Mustache!

Check out this particularly awesome Batman Mustache which has been styled to resemble the caped crusader’s iconic symbol!

What makes it even better for me, is the fact that the dude sporting the stylish superhero tash, looks a teeny weeny bit like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Maybe, by wearing this heroic mustache, he’s preparing for that step into Christian Bale’s big boy Batman boots!

Unfortunately we don’t know anything about the identity of the marvelous mustache-wearing dude, but I guess that’s the way it should be what with Batman’s top secret identity and all that!

Brilliant Pic Of Discarded Nostalgic Fridge That “Used To Be So Cool”

If you’ve got a social media account, the chances are you might have stumbled across the image of a nostalgic discarded fridge on a Glasgow street remembering the halcyon days of its youth, with the message “I used to be so cool” etched upon it. It’s a pretty funny message and I’m a fan of random humor in unexpected places so this pic definitely gets the thumbs up from me.

The image was posted by Redditor arnizach, who says that a friend found the funny fridge just loitering in Glasgow. It has received nearly 800,000 views since it was posted just 2 days ago, so it seems you guys think it’s pretty damn amusing too!

Girlfriend Barters With Boyfriend – Bagel In Exchange For Blow Job!

This interesting little bartering note was posted by Redditor lolsk8s who states that he works in the same building as his girlfriend and received it on a day when she had forgotten her wallet at home.

And they said romance was dead!!

It’s been a long time since I was in a relationship, but I was kinda under the impression that if you forgot your wallet your boyfriend would end up buying you lunch out of the kindness of his heart. Well, it seems this bagel-hungry woman didn’t want to leave it to chance, so offered her fella a trade off that he couldn’t refuse – bagel in exchange for a blow job! Well, that’ll work I imagine! Continue Reading

A Powerpik Anyone?

I am sure they have absolutely no idea what “pik” means in Danish. A “Powerpik” for just $27 is really cheap, if you ask me :-)

Walmart in Epic Animal Kingdom Fail! This Rhino Has An Identity Crisis

Check out this brilliant epic fail from the Walmart team that was exposed by the keen eyes of Redditor wickedlovley328. Pictured here is a bright blue baby grow featuring a “Happy Hippo” badge…nothing untoward so far, no stray penises or dodgy images that would be inappropriate for an item of child’s clothing, but there is a problem, for this “Hippo” seems to have a bit of an identity crisis. Because it’s a damn Rhino!! Continue Reading

Awesome Parodies Of Time Magazine’s Infamous “Me Me Me Generation” Cover

These utterly brilliant parodies take the right royal piss out of Time Magazine’s highly memorable and very mockable “Me Me Me Generation” cover story.

Time have always had a bit of an obsession with the different generations that rear their ugly heads in our society and the silly names they get given. Generation X, Y, blah and whatever other ones you can think of have all had their own cover story exposés detailing their pros and cons and trying to establish whether they will sink, swim or cast our world into an eternal darkness previously only seen in places like Narnia or Mordor! Continue Reading