Food Writer Has To Tell Everyone He’s Not In “Butter Coma” After Satire Biscuit Story Is Viral Hit!

Food writer Kevin Shalin, better known as The Mighty Rib, has had to come out and deny rumors that he fell into a “butter coma” after eating 413 really tasty but lard-heavy biscuits! It had been reported that witnesses had seen Shalin convulsing after consuming the buttery biscuits and the story of his near demise quickly went viral.

It all started after a report about Shalin and his near-death experience with the biscuits appeared on fictional news site Rock City Times. Despite the fact that the site describes itself as being “Arkansas’ 2nd most unreliable news source” several other outlets like The Daily Mail Online, The Mirror and The Sun covered the strange story without realizing it was a hoax! Continue Reading

R2-D2 Birthday Cake That Projects Hologram Of Princess Leia Delivering Infamous Message

Writing for this site, I’ve seen some pretty damn incredible popular culture inspired cakes. Some of those are made by professionals, others are made by dedicated family members who will go to great lengths just to see a smile on their loved ones face!

But I can honestly say that I haven’t seen anything quite as impressive as this R2-D2 birthday cake which as well as being an awesome recreation of that loveable droid, also projects a hologram of Princess Leia delivering that infamous message! It was created by Marc Freilich for his son Alexander’s 6th birthday party and we have to say that he is one incredibly lucky kid!! Continue Reading

Awesome 8 Bit Mario Cake!

Check out this superb 8-bit Mario cake created by DeviantArtist I-Am-Ginger-Pops. Protagonist Mario is sculpted out of little cubes to resemble the 8-bit hero as we first knew him while the base of the cake is decorated with more modern interpretations of the game’s other loveable characters like Yoshi and Toad! Inside awaits a yummy dense vanilla fudge filling, for anyone who is brave enough to cut through this masterpiece to eat it!!

What an awesome idea, whoever received this cake is one lucky individual!

Graduation Cake Is A Cat-astrophe After Baker Mishears Mom’s Request

As a way of celebrating her daughter Laura’s graduation from Indiana University, Carol Gambrel decided to get her a face cake! She went into her local bakery, discussed the school colors with the baker and arranged to have a little scroll on it too. She also thought it would be a nice touch to have a graduation cap drawn on her daughter’s head, but the baker appears to have misheard the woman and that is how the cat-astrophe cake came about!

When the cake arrived, there wasn’t a graduation cap adorning Laura’s bonce, but rather an image of a kitty etched there instead! Luckily the family saw the funny side of it and now refers to it as the “cat cake”! Continue Reading

Geeky Treats: Dragon Ball Z Cake Balls


Rosanna Pansino is known on YouTube for a lot of different things, be it cosplay, game play, reviews, or her vlogs about Ireland. However, what she’s probably most well known for are her Nerdy Nummies videos, in which she crafts geeky recipes and shows us how to make them. In her latest video, she makes Dragon Ball Z crème brûlée cake balls.Continue Reading

Awesome Structured Layer Earth Cake!

When Cakecrumbs blogger Rhiannon was approached by her sister (who is studying an education degree) and asked to bake a cake that represented the various different layers of the earth’s crust, she knew she was in for a difficult challenge.

Her sister wanted to use the cake as an educational tool to teach primary school children about geology and because Rhiannon won’t admit defeat when it comes to cakes and baking, she decided to take on the mammoth task anyway! Continue Reading

Epic Road Runner Cake That’s Just Like Watching The Actual Cartoon!

Check out this totally amazing Road Runner cake created by Pirikos Cake Design. Looking at it is pretty much like staring straight at a scene from the classic Looney Tunes Road Runner cartoons.

It’s managed to capture the narrative brilliantly and includes Wile E. Coyote’s destined-to-be-doomed blueprint plan to catch the illusive Road Runner and shows how it all goes wrong. If you look closely, the hapless coyote has somehow managed to light his own tale instead of the fuse on the ACME rocket he is sat astride. All the while, the cheeky Road Runner looks on amused, completely confident that the clumsy Wile E. Coyote will never catch him! Continue Reading

Wisconsin’s Wild Bloody Mary

Check out this incredibly insane Bloody Mary that is causing quite a stir after appearing on Reddit. An image of the unusual variation of this classic cocktail has been doing the social media rounds and has done its bit to reaffirm the stereotype that Wisconsin is a state where they love their alcoholic beverages!

This heavily loaded cocktail (I’m not sure if you can even call it that) is served at O’Davey’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in Fond du Lac. Continue Reading

14-Year Old McDonald’s Burger That Looks Like It Just Came Off The Grill!

Check out this 14-year-old McDonald’s burger patty that looks almost identical to one that has literally just come off the grill! Though the pickle and what not has long since disintegrated, the 14-year-old burger is remarkably unchanged – which says a hell of a lot about the preservatives that are used in meat!!

The burger belongs to Utah resident David Whipple, who sent the patty to the TV show, “The Doctors” and told them it’s incredibly long story! Whipple purchased the burger from McDonald’s some 14-years ago on 7th July 1999. He had intended to keep it for 2-months as an example piece to show his friends the workings of enzymes, but he forgot about it until 2 years after that when his wife pulled it out of an old coat pocket where he had tucked it away, wrapped in a paper bag. Continue Reading

Huevos Rancheros That Look Like Captain America’s Shield

Any budding superhero knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what better way to liven it up than by making it look like the mighty Captain America’s iconic shield!

That’s what Kitchen Overlord did, taking the traditional Mexican breakfast of huevos rancheros (Salsa, cheese, beans, a tortilla and an egg) adding a little bit of Super Soldier Serum (ahem food coloring will also do if you can’t get your hands on that) and being a little artsy with the arrangement! Continue Reading