£2,499 Fur Coat Made Using Male Chest Hair To Promote Milk Drink For Men!

Straight from the land of WTF advertising campaigns comes the £2,499 limited edition coat that is made entirely out of male chest hair!

This disgusting monstrosity took designers more than 200 hours to weave together the many strands of hair and it was commissioned by dairy firm Arla to coincide with the launch of their new milk drink Wing-co. Continue Reading

Hairy Stockings To Help Young Girls Ward Off Perverts!

According to a report from Chinasmack, a user on Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter equivalent) has created an interesting item to help young girls fend off advances from undesirables during the summer months that has caused quite a stir amongst microbloggers on the site.

As many of our female readers will know, getting your legs out when the weather is warm can often put you on the radar of the dreaded pervert and so in an attempt to combat the lusty advances from this type of lowlife – we give you the hairy stocking! Continue Reading

Knitted Watermelon Slice Socks For Fruity Feet!

For those of you who like to house your tootsies in gregarious or unusual sockage – we bring you the knitted Watermelon Slice Socks from Sock-aholic Solid and Wendy Gaal. We can guarantee that these yarn socks will ensure that you have the fruitiest feet in town!

Those of you who are adept using the ol’knitting needles can purchase a pattern for the Watermelon Slice socks for just $24. This includes one skein of Original Sock-aholic Solid in your choice of color, two mini-skeins of Watermelon Rind yarn and approximately 180 Czechoslovakian glass seed beads! Continue Reading

Smart PJs: A Futuristic Look at How We’ll be Reading to Our Kids

Okay, so, let’s say you have a kid, and you are getting that kid ready for bed. Now the kid wants you to read them a story. Now let’s say, for some crazy, undetermined reason, all of your kid’s books burned in a fire and you have nothing to read them (just go with me for a second). Well, no problem, because if they’re wearing their Smart PJs, then you can just pull out your smartphone to scan their pajamas and – presto! – you’ve got a story to read them on your phone.

Smart PJs call themselves “the worlds first interactive pajamas”, and they’re right in doing so. These pajamas are covered in an array of polka dots, and when you use your smartphone to scan a certain cluster of dots, you are able to retrieve bedtime stories for your kids. There are forty-seven different stories to choose from, and there’s an app that allows you to read them all off your phone.Continue Reading

Pentagram Bikini: For Sunbathing Goth Girls Who Want Satanic Tan Lines!

Though the idea of a sunbathing Goth might be a bit of a contradiction in terms, just in case one does or two of you do exist and fancy some sexy satanic tan lines, Alyx Suttle owner of Etsy store MASSblack is offering this Pentagram Bikini!

Suttle is marketing the item as something for the “Goth girl who wants some serious Satanic tan lines” and says that it is a fully functioning bikini, that is flattering, easy to put on and pairs well with pretty much anything…except Christianity I guess! Continue Reading

Dance Your Cares Away: Threadless Does a Fraggle Rock Competition


Threadless is well known for their T-shirt design competitions. They allow people to submit designs that could eventually be sold on Threadless merchandise, and then they send out a cry for everyone to come forward and vote on the submissions. Winners get to see their artwork displayed on people’s apparel, and some even receive prizes as well. Fun competitions like this are great in general, because it opens the floor for some really remarkable fan art to be born and worn.Continue Reading

The Firefly Bra – A Jayne Hat Like You’ve Never Seen One Before!

There’s been loads of controversy over the iconic woolly knitted hat that was worn by Firefly’s Jayne Cobb recently, after Fox sent “cease and desist letters” to several “non-licensed” sellers of the red, yellow and orange Sci-Fi headgear!

Well, we think the person who created this number should be safe, if she decides to put it on the market, because she’s given Jayne’s memorable hat an interesting little modification and turned it into a bra! Continue Reading

Binder Clip Bag That Functions So Well “You Can Almost Take It Seriously”

Check out the concept design for a Clip Bag that was created by Peter Bristol. Stationary fans will instantly recognize this handy bag, for it is inspired by the common and incredibly useful binder clip. It is created out of wool felt and aluminum tubing and Bristol states “The binder icon functions so well as a bag you can almost take it seriously.”

It is a pretty quirky little fashion accessory that will certainly get some interesting looks whilst you are out and about. Bristol is currently looking for manufacturers and distributors to get his clip bag onto the market and into your arms! Continue Reading

Japan’s “Ripe Tomato” Hairstyle

Japan’s always been a place where you can expect to see people sporting some crazy coiffures, especially amongst the younger generation. But even by Japan’s standards this hairstyle, dubbed the “Ripe Tomato” is a little bit out there!

According to Kotaku, this fruity hairstyle was created by a stylist called “Hiro” who works at an Osaka salon called “Trick Store”. Trick Store is located in Amemura, the city’s so-called “hipster youth district” and they are pretty fond of creating elaborate, eye-catching, colorful coiffures!Continue Reading

Awesome Cat Tights That Are All The Rage In Japan!

Check out these awesome “cat tights” that are currently all the rage in Japan. This adorable hosiery features two cutesy cat faces on the front, appearing just above the knee and has little cat tails on the back – making them the perfect fashion accessory for feline fanatics. If worn with high boots, they would give the appearance that the kitteh is peeking out over the top of them. Puss in Boots style!

Cat tights aren’t really a new invention in the fashion world, but the adorableness of this pair and the clever design has captured the attention of Japanese females and they are proving to be remarkably popular! The item, which is being sold by online fashion retailers RyuRyu for 350 yen ($3.50) has received some very favorable comments, with women falling over themselves to compliment them and express how cute and adorable they think they are!Continue Reading