The Times They Are a Changing: New URL Extensions Coming This Summer


Domain names are gong to become a lot trickier to remember sometime in the next month or so. URL extensions are going to undergo a change, which is going to mean a whole lot less .com and .org extensions. This change will allow for companies and businesses to purchase their own decided upon URL extension, provided they have enough money to buy one. This is said to be the largest expansion of the Internet’s naming system in the last ten years, and many companies are already vying for particular URL extensions they want to own. For example, Google wants to coin such URL extensions as .google, .docs, .youtube, and .lol. Yes, you read that correctly, pretty soon we might actually have to tag “.lol” at the end of our URLs. Other domain extensions that have been suggested are .apple, .nyc, .book, and the list goes on. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which have been the ones in charge of all these changes, are asking for $185,000 for every proposal that comes their way.Continue Reading

JC Penney’s “Hitler” Kettle Sells Out Online & Is Then Removed From Site!

The JC Penney’s tea kettle that bears an uncanny resemblance to infamous and reviled German dictator Adolf Hitler that we wrote about on Buzz Patrol yesterday after an image of it posted on reddit went viral, actually sold out online!

I don’t for the life of me know why anyone would want a kettle that looks like that fascist bastard in their kitchen, but the attention seems to done the product wonders, as it was the only one of the 31 kettles on the JC Penney’s website that had sold out! Continue Reading

Warner Brothers Sued for Unauthorized Use of Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat

Warner Brothers are facing a federal lawsuit from the authors of infamous internet meme kittehs Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat after they both appeared in a new Scribblenauts game without permission from the creators. Scribblenauts is a series of games for the Nintendo DS and several other platforms.

The creators of the well-known meme-cats are taking on the media giants arguing that the Scribblenauts game (published by WB Games) infringes on their copyrights and trademarks. 5th Cell, the company which developed the game, has also been cited in the lawsuit. Continue Reading

CoinLab Sue Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox For $75m Over Failed Partnership

Back in February it was reported that American startup CoinLab had joined forces with Mt. Gox, the Japanese firm that runs the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange. The two companies agreed a deal, where CoinLab would assume control of Mt. Gox’s operations in the U.S. and Canada, with CoinLab promising that its relationship with U.S. banks and investors would enable them to provide a superior customer experience.

But it seems that that partnership has collapsed and a lawsuit (first reported by Gawker) is likely to take place. On Thursday the news broke that CoinLab would be suing Mt. Gox for failure to fulfill their side of the arrangement as it was specified in the contract that the Japanese firm was supposed to hand over their U.S. operations to CoinLab in March. Continue Reading

Nike Pulls The “Boston Massacre” T-Shirt From Stores

Nike is reported to be in the process of removing all of their “Boston Massacre” T-shirts from their outlets out of respect for Boston bombing victims.

The T-shirt, which features the word “Boston” spattered with blood, of course has nothing to do with the terrible events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon last week. It is actually a T-shirt targeted for fans of the New York Yankees and commemorates a 4-0 series of games in 1978 that the Yankees won against the Boston Red Sox which was dubbed the Boston Massacre. Continue Reading

Suitcase Startup – A Video Documentary Series About One Entrepreneur’s Efforts

Budding entrepreneurs might be interested in Suitcase Startup, a video documentary series that follows the exploits of Chris Bradley trying to take his startup Publicate from his bedroom in North Wales to London and become a success.

Publicate allows users to aggregate content and organize it in a way that suits them best. It allows users to put all their content in one place to avoid jumping from platform to platform and lets them create multimedia profiles. Continue Reading

BitFloor – The Bitcoin Exchange Halts Trading But Promises People’s Money Will Be Returned

BitFloor, the Bitcoin exchange has announced that trading has been halted and that everyone’s funds will be returned.

The news was announced on BitFloor’s main site where company founder Roman Shtylman explained that because of circumstances outside of their control, they “must cease all trading operations indefinitely.” They said that because their US band account is closing they would not be able to provide the same level of dollar deposits and withdrawals that they had up to now. Continue Reading

Bad News For Bigger Folk –Samoa Air Introduces Pricing Policy Based On Body Weight

Samoa Air has dumped its previous pricing structure and adopted a new system that will see customers charged a fair that is calculated on their body weight! So bad news for peeps with wider waist lines – those extra pounds will now end up costing you extra pounds!

As part of the new system, passengers are obligated to enter their body weight as well as the weight of their baggage when booking a flight. This weight is then combined and a fare is calculated based on the figure and the destination. The entered figures will then be verified at the airport to stop people trying to lie about their weight (well it wouldn’t be the first time someone tried to tell porkies about being porky). Continue Reading

eMarketer Report Estimates Twitter Ad Revenue For 2014 Will Near $1 Billion!

A revised report from eMarketer has estimated that Twitter’s global ad revenue will rise to nearly $1 billion for the year 2014.
The digital marketing trend researcher was forced to up its original estimates for Twitter’s ad revenue for 2013 and 2014 because of the growing demand for Twitter’s mobile ads that have been extremely popular and greatly exceeded expectations.

eMarketer had initially estimated that the micro-blogging platform would bring in $545 million in ad revenue over 2013 and $808 million in 2014. The revised estimates now have those figures much higher, with $583 million for 2013 and a staggering $950 million for next year! Continue Reading

Australian Food Store Introduces $5 ‘Just Looking’ Fee In Attempt To Prevent Showrooming!

The owner of Celiac Supplies, a specialty food store in Brisbane, Australia, has decided to introduce a $5 AUD ‘just looking’ charge for visitors to the store in an attempt to prevent ‘showrooming’.

‘Showrooming’ is a fairly new term used to describe shoppers that go into a store, examine the products and then go online in a bid to purchase the same items for a cheaper price.

A Redditor posted a picture of the sign to the social media platform and it soon gained notoriety. After seeing the attention the Reddit post got, the Australian Associated Press tracked down the store owner to see what she had to say about it. Continue Reading