Proposals In Place To Try & Make It Illegal To Purchase A Tesla In North Carolina

Car dealers and politicians have put a proposal in place to try and make it illegal to sell Tesla’s electric cars in the state of North Carolina.

As many of you are already aware, Tesla sells their vehicles directly, over the phone or online. Tesla has “stores” but you can’t purchase the cars from these stores because of what Techdirt’s Mike Masnick refers to as “antiquated and ridiculous regulations about car sales.” He points out that most states have legislation that prevents cars companies from selling vehicles directly that really only have one purpose, to protect the often politically influential car dealers from being cut out of the action. Continue Reading

Lamborghini Egoista – Fantastically Futuristic Concept Car To Commemorate 50th Anniversary

Super car enthusiasts will no doubt be drooling over this awesome concept car – the Lamborghini Egoista, commissioned by the company to commemorate their 50th anniversary.

The single-seater Egoista was designed by Volkswagen group head designer Walter da Silva and sports a 600 horsepower 5.2 liter V10 engine. The spectacular vehicle was unveiled at the Grande Giro d’Italia in Sant’agata Bolognese. Continue Reading

Dark Knight Tumbler Unveiled For Gumball 3000 Rally!

You would be mistaken for thinking that this awesome Tumbler is actually straight off the set of one of the Dark Knight movies, however it is actually a street legal vehicle created by international racing crew Team Galag for 2013’s Gumball 3000 Rally!

Vehicles participating in the Gumball 3000 are often on the unusual side, but Team Galag will really stand out with this incredible Tumbler based on the supercar driven by Batman in Nolan’s hugely successful Dark Knight trilogy. Continue Reading

Mind-Boggling POV Footage Of A Dude Riding A Stoopidtall 14.5ft Bicycle!

Remember what it felt like when you ditched your kiddy bike with its crappy stabilizers and climbed up onto an enormous big kid’s bike? We all wanted to do it, but the height difference was extreme and you seemed like you were miles up in the sky, trying not to throw up your poptarts through the fear of coming off and crashing to the ground, which seemed sooo far away.

Well this video blows that feeling right out of the water, it featured POV footage of a very brave (or incredibly crazy) dude called Richie Trimble riding a 14.5ft “Stoopidtall Bike”! Continue Reading

New Hyundai Single-Person Concept Car E4U

This wacky creation is the E4U – a single-person concept car from South Korean automobile manufacturers Hyundai. It was debuted at the Seoul Motor Show and won an in-house design competition for future cars.

Looking like an oversized, brightly colored Easter Egg, the E4U measures just 92cm in width and stands 123cm tall. The E4U’s designers believe the vehicle will be especially suited for the narrow streets of many urban centers where speeds are usually slow. It can hit a top speed of 30kmh (hold onto your hats folks) and it is steered in a similar way to the Segway with the tilting of the drivers body. Continue Reading

The DIY Bicycle Bar Cart!

Check out this awesomeness on wheels – a DIY roving bar on bicycle!! I really need one of these in my life!

This adorable and compact bar that folds out of a panel which slots neatly into the frame of the bicycle would be just perfect for summer picnics and long evening bike rides. When it’s time for a spot of refreshment, you just have to pick a picturesque place, bring your hot wheels to a standstill, flip open the panel and voilà instant bar!! Continue Reading

Retired Mechanic Builds Grandson Replica Batmobile From Old Daewoo

Alan Bennett might just be the coolest granddad in the entire world, after he transformed an old Daewoo into a life-size working Batmobile replica for his 6-year-old grandson Alfie Wilde.

Bennet, who is a retired mechanic, spent more than £5,000 on turning an old Daewoo Matiz that had failed an MOT into the Batmobile you see pictured. Bennett’s modded version was based on the Lincoln Futura concept car Batmobile that was used in the 1960s television series. Created by George Barris, the original Batmobile recently sold at auction for a whopping $4.6million! Continue Reading

Huge Penis Graffiti Closes Down Infamous Racing Track Nürburgring

On Sunday morning the world renowned racing track, the Nürburgring, which is located around the village of Nürburg in Germany, had to be closed down so that an image of a giant penis could be removed from the track!

The Nürburgring is one of motor racing’s most well known tracks and Top Gear fanatics will remember numerous high octane adventures that Clarkson, May and Hammond have had there. Continue Reading

3-Wheeled Electric Torq Roadster – A “Batmobile” Fit For Crime Fighting Capers?

Check out this incredible new 3-wheeled electric Torq Roadster that was designed by Epic Electric Vehicles. Some say, that it is a mighty enough vehicle to be considered for the honor of a being a Batmobile and could help Batman catch villains hell-bent on terrorizing Gotham!

Though it doesn’t look quite as spectacular as some of Lucius Fox’ creations that Batman careered around in during the Dark Knight trilogy, it does boast some incredibly impressive capabilities. Continue Reading

LaFerrari Hypercar Official Launch Video Is Out

If you are a supercar fanatic then this launch video for the latest creation from Sergio Marchionne’s Prancing Horse might leave you drooling a little.

The footage of the 963 HP LaFerrari Hypercar in action soaring around a race track is pretty impressive, even if you’re not really that into cars. The limited edition vehicle itself sports the usual sleek design, super-cool gull wings and is a hybrid with carbon fibre chassis. Continue Reading