Tobias Wüstefeld’s Scenes From Super Mario Adorning Animal Skulls!

Just in case you hadn’t had enough WTF for one day, we bring you the fantastically bizarre creations of artist Tobias Wüstefeld.

Wüstefeld created these meticulously detailed scenes from classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros and for some reason completely unbeknownst to us, placed them on top of some shiny white animal skulls!

The artist created the piece for the We Love 8-Bit art show that was held in Vienna, Austria and I suppose his choice to place his cute little Super Mario characters on some rather macabre animal skulls does give his artwork a strange edge that would set it aside from a lot of the others on display. Continue Reading

Tomás Saraceno’s ‘In Orbit’: An Interactive Exhibition That’s A Space-Inspired Playground!

If you find traditional art exhibitions a little on the boring side and you are more of an adventurous type, then the latest exhibition from Argentinean artist Tomás Saraceno might be just the thing for you.

Saraceno’s “In Orbit” exhibition opened in Düsseldorf, Germany on the 21st June and visitors (who don’t have vertigo) are invited to climb up into the layered exhibition which hangs 60 feet above the museum courtyard and have a go on the giant floating playground! Continue Reading

Childhood Memories Ruined: Disney Movies Given “Honest” Titles!

If you fancy having your fond memories of all your favorite classic Disney movies ripped out of your heart and repeatedly stabbed in the face until they are ruined, then check out these “honest” movie titles given to your old favorites by the folks over at! So Beauty and the Beast becomes “Stockholm Syndrome” and The Little Mermaid becomes “Change for your Man” while The Lion King is really just Hamlet with Animals!!

These “honest” titles allude to some of the more “disturbing content” lurking beneath the surface of our childhood favorites and certainly make you see them in a different light. Continue Reading

‘Lets Caffe’ – The Coffee Shop With A Printing Machine That Uses Your Face For Latte Art!

Coffee art is a medium that seems to be growing in popularity and we’ve seen some brilliant artistic masterpieces created out of our beloved cup of hot caffeine. I was particularly fond of the Grumpy Cat latte that was doing the rounds of the net a few months ago and the incredible temporary masterpieces created by NYC barista Mike Breach.

But man-made coffee art is incredibly time-consuming and let’s face it, not every barista is going to be lucky enough to have that sort of artistic talent at their disposal, but of course technology has the answer – a printing machine that can do it for you! Continue Reading

Nathan Sawaya’s Incredible Lego Sculpture Exhibition Opens In New York

Every time I think I’ve seen the absolute pinnacle of masterpieces that can be created with Lego, I’ll stumble upon a creation that once again manages to take my breath away. After seeing the epic Lego Hogwarts a few months ago, I thought to myself that it was unlikely I’d be so impressed by another piece of Lego art for a long while.

But then I saw some of artist Nathan Sawaya’s incredible Lego sculptures that are currently being exhibited at the Times Square Discovery Museum and I was awestruck! Continue Reading

Beer Glass Concept Design To Stop You Using Your Smartphone At The Pub!

Creative agency Fischer & Friends have designed a unique beer glass intended to combat the problem of people using their smartphones whilst in the pub. Called the “Offline Glass”, it has a groove cut out of the bottom which means it is only stable when resting upon a smartphone!

It is a concept design created for Bar Jorge in Brazil and intended to combat the annoying anti-social behavior of people in a social environment like a pub, who are more interested in checking their Facebook status on their smartphones than interacting with people IRL! Continue Reading

Awesome Pics Of Dogs Styled To Look Like Pop Culture Characters & Other Animals!

Check out these brilliant pictures of dogs that have been rather flamboyantly groomed so that they look like characters from popular culture, mythical creatures and other animals. Way to give your pet an identity crisis!

The images were taken by photographer Ren Netherland at creative dog grooming competitions throughout the U.S. and you can see more from his collection over on his website.

Some of these mutts look absolutely incredible, I like the Sesame Street themed pooch and of course the Star Wars ones. The doggy which has his better end styled as a tiger and the other as an elephant is also pretty darn impressive! Continue Reading

Emil Nystrom Celebrates Daughter’s First Birthday With Photoshop


Parenting: How do you know you’re doing it right?

Well, if you’re anything like Swedish photographer, Emil Nystrom, you’ll commemorate your daughter’s first year on earth through a series of delightfully amusing pictures. Both by taking photographs and using photoshop, Nystrom has edited a handful of pictures of his daughter, right before her first birthday, performing an array of tasks no baby could actually accomplish. The series is lighthearted, silly, and just plain fun. Obviously she is one lucky kid to have such an awesome dad.Continue Reading

Artist Gives Disney’s Paperman a Couple of Fandom Crossovers


People have really taken a shine to Paperman, the six minute black and white 3D hand drawn/computer animated short that first appeared in 2012 before Wreck-It Ralph. This short won the Academy Award for Bets Animated Short Film at the 2013 Oscars, marking Disney’s first win for an animated short film since It’s Tough to be a Bird back in 1969.

Going off of Paperman‘s popularity, Eddie Snow has started his own Paper Series artwork on his Deviantart account. The series, so far, contains four different images. Each one portrays Meg, the female lead in Paperman, striking the same pose with the same background behind her. How each image differs is who she’s with. We see Meg standing next to a variety of different characters: a cocktail holding-iron suit clad Tony Stark, a charming Captain Kirk in the foreground and a logical Spock behind, the ever suave Don Drapper, and an intrigued Brock Samson. The combination of this Disney short with Iron Man, Star Trek, Mad Men, and Venture Bros is perfect, and it’s such a treat to see each of these well known characters from different fandoms drawn in the Paperman style.Continue Reading

Peeje T – The Instagram Celebrity Snapped With All The Stars!

If photographic evidence is to be believed, then we’ve got a new A-lister in town, a man who goes by the name Peeje T and it seems has been a very busy boy of late.

He’s whispered sweet nothings into Nicki Minaj’s ear, been on stage at a political rally with First Lady Michelle Obama, is a close personal friend of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, sat next to Kobe Bryant on the LA Lakers bench and appears to be having some sort of romantic relationship with Rihanna. And they are just a few of the massive celebs that Peeje T has been pictured with!
So who is this man I hear you cry, an up-coming movie star? A rock god? A reality TV idol? Nope, he’s a dude that is really fucking good with Photoshop! Continue Reading