Famous Artists Photographed With Their Feline Muses!

Animals have often been a great source of inspiration for artists and many of the greats of our time often referred to their furry felines as their muse. It’s actually astounding how many legendary artists had pet cats that they loved dearly and were inspired by!
The article features images of artists and their cats like Salvador Dali (who just had to be different with an Ocelot), Henri Matisse, Picasso, Ai WeiWei (he has 40 kittehs) and Gustav Klimt to name but a few.

Salvador Dali and his pet ocelot Babou
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Kitteh Keep Fit – Exercise Routines You Can Do With Your Cat!

You don’t necessarily have to join a gym or buy loads of fancy machines to keep fit and healthy – a lot of common household objects can be used as tools to help you exercise and maintain that purrfect body!!

According to this video by YouTuber Sho Ko, the things that you can use to spice up your exercise routine can also include your cat!! Adorable kittehs Kodi, Shorty and their “Dad” demonstrate how it’s done and it all looks relatively easy to follow. Continue Reading

Cat Cosplaying As Shark Chases Duckling On Roomba Vacuum

Check out this wacky, ridiculously preposterous video of Max the Roomba Vacuum loving cat dressed up as a shark, sitting astride the noisy device whilst chasing a duckling around his kitchen. The obscure duo are joined by Sharky, a pit bull also dressed up as a shark (but he’s a hammerhead don’t ya know) who pops in to join in on the fun.

This video is the epitome of the oddball videos that grace the internet. There is not much action, but it is so darn bizarre that it is entertaining in a very weird way. I wonder what goes through the heads of the family that own these pets – are they as strange as their animals? Probably. It’s an oldie, but definitely worth checking out if you like weird shit. Continue Reading

This Cat is Addicted to Huffing Vacuum Cleaners

Usually cats hate vacuum cleaners, but not this one. The kitten seems to be really enjoying itself as this 38 seconds clip shows the moggy continually letting the vacuum suck up its tongue while it grasps the nozzle.

Awesome Whiskas Ad Campaign Sends A Domestic Kitteh On A Big Cat Adventure

Check out this brilliant new ad campaign from cat food maestros Whiskas which take a domestic kitteh on an incredible adventure in the wild.

The campaign, entitled “Little Big Cat” features domestic house cats strutting their stuff in the Serengeti (or some other similar place), coming across other big cats and wildlife. The images of our beloved furry friends chasing zebras and snuggling up to lions have of course been digitally manipulated. The photographs were taken by George Logan and then Tony Swinney worked his magic on them. The ad campaign carries the slogan “feeding your cat’s instincts.”Continue Reading

Moth Vs Kitten: Feline Outwitted By Bold Maneuver!

The life of a moth can’t be much fun, constantly on a quest to stay close to that alluringly bright shiny light without having your wings scalded off, having to dodge those horrible humans who are so petrified of their fat hairy moth bodies that they are compelled to hunt them down with fly swats, rolled up newspaper or aerosol poison.

And then there are cats to watch out for too!

Those wicked furry feline creatures just love squishing those poor little moths with their pouncey paws and catchy claws.
Well sometimes a moth just has to fight back, and proving that it isn’t all doom and gloom, one ugly butterfly shows us that sometimes the cunning kitteh can be outwitted!

Camera-Shy Kitten Doesn’t Want To Eat On Camera

Not everyone likes eating on camera and who could blame them. There’s a lot to worry about; an unsightly globule of food getting stuck between your teeth per se, or spilling it on your shirt, lap, pants, significant other, etc.

It seems like the cat in this YouTube video posted by mihaifrancu doesn’t much fancy being recorded as she tries to chow down either. First she gives the person behind the camera a hilariously brilliant death stare and then takes matters into her own claws and dragging her dinner tray out of sight. Continue Reading

Rosie The Cat Shows Off Her Mad Door Opening Skills

If you were under the impression that merely closing a door would be enough to keep a clever kitteh in (or out) of a certain room, you would be mistaken. This video, which was posted by YouTuber lavendercake, shows 7-month-old kitten Rosie easily managing to open a door by leaping up and using her bodyweight to move the handle!

Lavendercake said that they did not train their beloved moggy to do this, but realized she had worked it out all for herself when the cat miraculously turned up in a room she had been shut out of! I wonder what other tricks this intelligent furry feline will master as she grows older and wiser. Lavendercake should watch out, I don’t think it’ll be long before she works out how to get inside the fridge or log into her owner’s Amazon account!

ZSL Cat Map Launched To Collect Data About London’s Many Moggies

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has launched a campaign that intends to collect as much data about London’s feline population as possible. The unsurprisingly named “Cat Map” invites cat lovers to post pictures and details about their favorite kittehs, whether they are their own, a neighbors or a local stray. They can upload a photograph, enter the cat’s name, color, age and other details. They do not have to enter a breed, but they can should they so desire. Continue Reading

Curious Cat Gets Head Wedged Stuck In Shoe!

It has long been said that curiosity killed the cat and this video is a fine example of that old proverb. This inquisitive little kitteh decided to explore what lay beyond the threshold of its master’s stylish pink flip-flop and ended up getting its head wedged firmly into it!!

Whether the misadventure actually does the cat any damage or not all depends on just how bad master’s feet smell and how long the poor creature remains stuck in there before an escape is engineered or a covert rescue operation is mounted. Cats have a much better sense of smell than humans so I can only imagine how overwhelming and pungent the foot odor must be for that unfortunate furry feline.

I love the expression on the cat’s face, it’s almost like you are privy to the thought process bouncing around in the creature’s brain, something along the lines of “that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into,” I would imagine!