“Cat Beards” The Internet’s Latest Wacky Photo Meme Fad!!

So it seems that the latest wacky photo fad phase capturing the hearts, minds and lunchbreaks of internet users all over the world is “cat beards” – the art of positioning a feline in front of one’s face in such a way that that the kitteh’s furry chin looks as though it is part of the human subject’s facial hair!

I guess no one is especially surprised that cats are involved again, are they? Continue Reading

Pavlov’s Humans: Cat Rings Bell To Demand Dinner

Check out this brilliant video entitled “Pathetic Little People” that features an incredibly haughty looking kitteh who has his own bell that he rings to instruct his subordinate human being that he wants to be fed!

Like a bizarre version of Pavlov’s Dogs experiment, this furry feline has it all sorted out, unlike his canine counterparts who were slaves to Pavlov’s bell, he is the one calling the shots. A few dings of the bell and his well conditioned human appears to present him with one tasty treat after another.

The smug expression on the cat’s countenance is superb and the bell might as well come with a sign that states “bring me my dinner bitch!”

Family Bury Wrong Cat In Funeral Error & Then See Pet Come Back From The Dead!!

A family from Kent, UK, had the shock of their lives when the beloved pet cat Norman appeared to come back from their dead and strolled back into their kitchen to eat his tea a day after they thought they had buried him!!!

Karen Jones, 48, and her family were devastated when they thought their beloved kitteh had carked it. They found the dead cat in the road after it had been hit by a car and set about burying the poor creature in their garden.

But when Norman actually appeared the next day, the Jones family wasn’t sure what was going on! Continue Reading

The Diary Confessions Of Sad Cats

Check out the brilliantly funny video from master of comedy Ze Frank entitled “Sad Cat Diary”. As the name suggests, the video is a collection of journal confessions from sad cats that are maudlin and miserable for all sorts of different reasons.

The main reason these poor kittehs are feeling blue are the inconsiderate actions of “the authorities” – who one can only assume are their mean and uncaring humans.

I watched this with my kitten who was somewhat enthralled and who is not a sad cat because I have allowed her to persecute the zipper on my jumper for the last 35 minutes. Continue Reading

Clever Cat With Smooth Maneuvers That Can Open A Front Door

Check out this awesome video uploaded by YouTuber XxGuerillaxX which features a brilliantly clever cat carrying out a smooth maneuver to open the front door.

You may have seen YouTube clips before of intelligent felines leaping up and springing the door handle open, but this is totally different. It’s like this cat actually thinks about how to work the handle and uses her paws like human hands – pretty damn impressive!!

Quick, someone check her paws for thumbs, we might all be in trouble!!

I wonder what else this sharp kitteh gets up to when her owner isn’t looking!

Lazy Cat Is Unimpressed With Stupid Human’s Treadmill

Check out this brilliant video entitled “Lazy cat on a Treadmill” that was posted by YouTuber Erik Collett and features adorable kitteh Kosh point-blank refusing to do a workout!

It has long been said that domesticated cats are incredibly lazy creatures that will sleep for as long as possible and limit physical activity to a bare minimum and this fabulous feline just reaffirms that. It’s also frequently said that they are incredibly stubborn creatures and this is case-in-point for that too! Continue Reading

Maru Investigates A Bathtub Plug!

Check out the latest video from infamous internet cat Maru, this one showing the inquisitive feline investigating a bathtub plug that is new to his home!

In the video uploaded by YouTuber Continue Reading

Behold The Internet’s New Cat God – Princess Monster Truck!

Check out the images of Princess Monster Truck who might just be the internet’s latest cat fixation! Princess Monster Truck is a stray that was found by artists Tracy Timmons and Joseph Bryce when they were living in Brooklyn and it was love at first sight!

Much like you and I, the couple were instantly intrigued by the kitty’s strange appearance and garish gnashers and they decided to adopt her! They’ve also had to create Princess her own Instagram account so she can keep in touch with her adoring public! Continue Reading

The Wacky World Of Sushi Cats!

Check out this bizarre and oddball “Sushi Cats” photo series created by Japanese firm Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts. In the collection, kittehs are placed on a rice tab like a sushi dish and adorned with unusual objects like knitting needles, handbags, lobster and a ping pong bat and ball among others.

The photographs are available to purchase on the Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts website and the Sushi Cats also feature in their own iPhone and Android game apps! Continue Reading

Obvious Cardboard Box Trap That Catches The Cat!

Check out this short clip that shows an adorable feline falling for a very obvious and simple cardboard box trap!

As the cardboard prison comes crashing down on the unassuming cat, we are treated to the “Victory Fanfare” that some of you might recognize from the Final Fantasy games.

The video was uploaded by YouTuber SirAshquatch and has received more than 100,000 views. It’s not often that we humans get to gloat about one-upmanship with our beloved furry friends, for it is usually always the cat that reign supreme. I guess this proves that sometimes they can be beguiled with some well-thought out cardboard placement!