Like A Yakuza Boss

Youtube user shironekoshiro posted videos of his 4 cats doing various weird things. Continue Reading

Mickey the Firefighting Cat

Mickey, the firefighting cat of Minneapolis Fire Department.

Watch him slide down that fire pole.

Kitteh Invades Football Pitch

This was at a Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur game on the 6th January 2012.

I think it’s fair to say this little kitteh is a bit of an attention seeker, even for a cat.

More of this and I might actually start watching football…

Check Out This Wolf Mothering Her Cub

How cute is this mother wolf looking after the little kitten. Normally wolves are busy eating Red Riding Hood’s relatives or generally playing the role of baddie in our fables and fairytales, but they aren’t all bad, as this one shows here!

Headcrab Cat

All those PETA types can now just chillax. Sophie the cat just come up with a TOTALLY ethical way to wear fur!

God Speed, Space Kittehs

Astronomical Image Enhancement Engineer Brant Widgeon is responsible for this awesome space cats video.

The Difference Between Dogs and Cats…

These are just stereotypes though, my little balinese cat prefers a cuddle over tuna any day, lol

How I See Things vs. How My Cat Sees Things

I’ve always suspected that my cats lived in a different world. Now I know why LOL

They see great things where we see only simple ones. That’s why kitties are always happy.

Kitteh vs Alligator

Brave lil kitteh bitch slapping an alligator at Cajun Pride Swamp, LaPlace, Louisiana, USA.

Cat in a Lamp

My cat always get stuck in the drawers. I rushed to his rescue the first couple times. Then he started lying down just out of reach and giving me this “huh” look.

Damn you kitty. Get out the drawers yourself next time.