Dog Wearing Sunglasses Carries His “Brother” Cat On Back!

Whilst it is well known that dogs and cats don’t always see eye to eye, you will occasionally hear stories of felines and canines that have formed great bonds and really look out for one another. This is one such story of a cat and a dog from China’s Yunnan province and their owner says that they are just like “brothers”.

Super cool Alsatian Wangcai loves sporting sunglasses and even has a mobile phone taped to his leg, is said to be inseparable with his moggy mate Mimi. When the kitteh gets tired, she will often jump up onto Wangcai’s back and hitch a ride atop her best buddy Alsatian! Continue Reading

Introducing Virginia, The 3-Legged Cat That Adopts & Cares For Shelter’s Kittens

Virginia is a very special cat indeed, because despite having only 3-legs (one of which is paralyzed) and having to walk with a special harness, she takes care of all the kittens to come into the Cattery Cat Shelter in Corpus Christi, Texas.

A long-haired tabby, Virginia had to have one of her back legs amputated, while the other does not work properly. She also has to wear diapers because she has no bladder or bowl control, yet staff at the cattery say she is a really caring mother for the kittens that come through the shelter doors and will look after them until they are adopted. The especially designed pink walker is helping to strengthen Virginia’s one back leg and staff say that she is making good progress since using it. Continue Reading

Meet Theo The Half-Siamese Moggy That Is An Accomplished Cat Burglar!

Theo the thieving cat
Paul Edwards and his girlfriend Rachel Drouet first realized that their beloved moggy Theo, a 3-year-old Siamese cross, had a bit of a kleptomania problem when they started noticing cat toys around the house that they knew they had not purchased themselves.

It started with cat toys, but before long all manner of objects started turning up in their abode, including fluffy pens, a phone charger, gardening gloves, a packet of crisps, some children’s artwork and a clown glove puppet! They realized that their cat had been somehow getting into their neighbors homes and pilfering their property! Continue Reading

Meet Ducey, The Rare Two-Faced ‘Janus’ Kitten Born In U.S

Dubbed ‘Janus’ cats, kittens born with two-faces are incredibly rare and when Stephanie Durkee’s kids first approached her and exclaimed that they had found one, she assumed that they were simply mistaken. But it turns out that the kids were right and Mrs Durkee has now adopted the tiny two-faced kitten which was rejected by its mother.

They have named the rare little critter Ducey and it has two faces, three eyes, two noses and two mouths!

Mrs Durkee said: “the kids actually found him. And they came in and said ‘Mom there’s a kitty with two heads’…And I said ‘I think you guys are just tired, you’re crazy. That doesn’t happen.’”Continue Reading

Black & White Cat Called Morris Running For Mayor Of Xalapa, Mexico!

It is regularly reported that Mexico has something of a problem with corrupt politicians and so as part of a protest against these people who come into office and fail to deliver on any of their promises to the electorate, take bribes and are generally just out for personal gain, two students in Mexico decided that it was time for a change.

To make a point about the rife corruption and politicians’ failure to deliver their promises to the public, the students have nominated a black-and-white cat named Morris to run for mayor in the city of Xalapa! Xalapa’s Mayor will be elected on 7th July and so far, Morris is easily the most popular candidate! Continue Reading

Grumpy Cat Reimagined as Members of the Justice League


Who needs a Justice League movie with Christian Bale, Ryan Reynolds, Henry Cavill, and a slew of other well-known Hollywood actors, when we could simply just cast Tardar Sauce, the meme-famous Grumpy Cat, in all the superhero roles?

This fun picture, taken from the Almost Nerdy Facebook page, comes at the perfect time too, what with Grumpy Cat just getting her very own movie deal not too long ago. Who wouldn’t want to see Tard prancing around in a Batman getup or flying over the streets of Metropolis, spouting off angry catchphrases as she fights off villains? While it’s doubtful that we’ll ever see a Grumpy Cat Justice League crossover film, the images and accompanying text are amusing nonetheless.

Grumpy Cat Gets A Movie Deal!

Grumpy Cat, the internet’s favorite miserable, maudlin and cynical feline has managed to get herself a movie deal and will be taking her infamous brand of despondency to Hollywood in the very near future!

Ben Lashes, 34, who has built a career as an agent for Internet cats, negotiated the deal with Broken Road Productions, the company responsible for the 2011 movie ‘Jack and Jill’ which starred Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes. Terms of the deal are yet to be disclosed. Continue Reading

Skateboarding Cardboard Kitten Is Not A Glitch In The Matrix!

Check out this incredibly short yet awesomely entertaining clip of a cat in a cardboard box skateboarding down the hall!

One of the reasons why the video, which was uploaded by YouTuber perkyballs, is so brilliant is the way in which the cat turns his/her head towards the camera at exactly the right time. The look on the moggy’s face is superb, to me it screams nonchalance, like the cat is thinking out loud something along the lines of, “yeah, I’m skateboarding dude, so frigging what? It’s no biggie!” Continue Reading

Watch An Adorable Cat Mothering The Runaway Ducklings She Adopted!

It’s well known that cats and birds don’t really see eye to eye and the latter is usually seen as a tasty meal for the former, however there are always bizarre instances of creatures that are supposed to be arch-enemies getting on and here is another one to add to the collection!

Last week we wrote about the Shih Tzu- mix doggy nursing a 4-week-old kitten that Animal Control Officers in South Carolina believe that she rescued. Now we’ve got a cat from County Offaly, Ireland who seems to have adopted some runaway ducklings. Continue Reading

Maru The Internet-Infamous Investigative Cat Turns 6!

To celebrate the 6th birthday of Maru, the internet-infamous inquisitive kitteh, owner mugumogu posted this awesome montage video that features some of the curious kitty’s notorious antics that took place over the last year.

This is something of a birthday tradition for the adorable cat – a hugely popular internet celebrity whose videos have been viewed millions of times! Continue Reading