Kitteh Cosplay: Catbus & Totoro Come To Life

Blogger and cat lover Sweet Ipomoea decided to turn her two kittehs Yun Yun and Bumbe into characters from the hugely popular Studio Ghibli animated film My Neighbor Totoro.

My Neighbor Totoro follows the adventures of 2 young sisters as they interact with the friendly wood spirits in postwar rural Japan.

Those of you who know the cartoon will know that Totoro’s costume didn’t take that much effort at all. As Sweet Ipomoea points out, Bumbe the cat is already “fat and grey” so she just stuck a leaf to his head. Turning Yun Yun into Catbus however, took slightly more work. Sweet Ipomoea painstakingly handmade the little cat costume using felt fabric, cardboard and hot glue (don’t worry, she didn’t glue the costume to Yun Yun). She used little mice with sparkly eyes that worked as headlights and let her cosplaying cats roam around to show off their new outfits!

Source: Sweet Ipomoea

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