Watch An Adorable Cat Mothering The Runaway Ducklings She Adopted!

It’s well known that cats and birds don’t really see eye to eye and the latter is usually seen as a tasty meal for the former, however there are always bizarre instances of creatures that are supposed to be arch-enemies getting on and here is another one to add to the collection!

Last week we wrote about the Shih Tzu- mix doggy nursing a 4-week-old kitten that Animal Control Officers in South Carolina believe that she rescued. Now we’ve got a cat from County Offaly, Ireland who seems to have adopted some runaway ducklings.

In this adorably cute video shot by Ronan and Emma Lally, who own the animals, the mom cat can be seen cuddling the ducklings and drawing them into her for warmth, while her kittens breastfeed.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio about the bizarre adoption, the Lally’s explained that at first they believed that the ducklings had gone missing and said that they were completely shocked when they found them being cared for by their kitteh!

YouTube viewers were also startled and surprised by the unusual relationship, which just goes to show that sometimes a maternal instinct is stronger than all others!

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