The Cardboard Bicycle – Nope We Are Not Kidding!

Proving once more that cardboard is an amazing material, Israeli designer Izhar Gafni, has created a fully functioning bicycle made primarily from cardboard!!

Gafni, who loves recycling almost as much as he loves bicycles, was inspired to create this model after hearing about a man who made a cardboard canoe whilst in a bike shop picking up some spare parts.

After hearing about the cardboard canoe, Gafni could not get the idea of creating a cardboard bicycle out of his head and despite being told by several engineers that it would be a futile project to attempt, he set to work on his creation anyway.

According to Gafni an average cardboard bicycle costs between $9 and $12 to make (I’m guessing that labor isn’t including in that price) and he believes they can be sold on for between $60 and $90 each depending on the specific modifications chosen by the customer.

Gafni claims that his cardboard bicycle is water and humidity resistant and can carry a person up to the weight of around 300 pounds.

So what do you think? Do you think the cardboard bicycle will become a common sight on our streets?

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