Cannibalistic Big People Are Taking Over The Internet!!

So it seems that the latest weird and wonderful photo meme to emerge out of Japan is the use of perspective tricks to make it appear as though giant people are chomping down on your standard sized human!

According to Kotaku the meme was inspired by anime series Attack on Titan which is about a city that is under seige from human-eating giants!! The series has proved exceptionally popular with Japan’s youth and in turn inspired the latest photo meme craze!

Over recent weeks there has been an influx of “Pretend Attack on Titan” images emerging on social media networks. They usually feature a teen that looks as though they are about to ingest other kids and the trend is rapidly growing in popularity!

There was even an “Attack on Titan” iPhone app released in Japan recently that features “digital photo stickers” that might have had something to do with the meme’s inception!

At the moment, the human-eating-giant picks appear to be going viral, but what do you think, is this another short-lived photo fad or something we are likely to see doing the internet rounds for awhile?













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